I am a Hindu Indian American living in the USA for over 25 years. Currently in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area. I visit India often, just about every year. By profession, I am a systems engineer — i.e. only for making a living, else if only philosophers were paid as much, I’d give up my IT day job in no time :).

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— Pari (பாரி / पारि)

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  1. Great works in your blog, quite fascinating, knowledgeable, and carries lot of learning.
    Kindly keep it up for those who seek to keep up to date with the latest in this old, ancient, art of wisdom where no country can match with us.

  2. Dear Pari,

    There’s a great range of interesting things in your website, and some beautiful images.

    Strangely, I was searching google for the ‘perfect male form’, and came across your image of people reclining in a garden: I’m not sure why. The reason for the search was to give a parallel to Mrs Portaveda, a sixty year old (or so) of Spanish or South American descent, who comes across a young couple bathing naked. For the man, I already used the Apollo Belvedere elsewhere, but I think this physique probably a bit weak for the character I have in mind, and also probably the Apollo Belvedere is not known to Mrs Portaveda. She might think in terms of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the character is too gross. To be known to Mrs Portaveda, and to convey both the elegance and power of the male form, and the spirituality associated with it… well, I am in a cul de sac.

    And so: there are various ways of exiting the cul de sac (through somebody’s house, for example, out the back door, over the fence and into the field behind, if there is a field: or else along the alleyway marked ‘no cycling’ and into the endless convolutions of suburbia). Or I could point to those little eddies of water which continue to circle indefinitely on the borders of a fast flowing river. They only disappear when a force from above (the mountains) sends a torrent down.

    Once again, let me express sincerely my appreciation of your website.

    Best wishes,

    Paul Scott

  3. Dear Thiru.Pari,
    Its great to see your details on 108 and about your brief ‘about me details. Its a pleasure to see or read about you kind of peoples. I am going thru sakthi sites details presently and its very much clarity giving.I am thankful to my friend Dr.Sathish who referred me to read this details and also on this journey i am seeing you kind of fine peoples is an additional pleasure. With best regards ,wishes and thanks

  4. Hello Pari,

    I happend to stumble on your blog from the Sakthi sites. what a plethora of information you have. I read many articles in your blog. Thoughts about banning Kolam was good.

    Being in North America I’m going to get my kid read these articles and get some feedback. Your simple explanation without any heavy jargoan will appeal to them.

    Good work! Keep up your part time job.


  5. Dear Pari,

    Have you read the book “The Serpent Power: the secrets of tantric and shaktic yoga”, being the Sat-Cakra-Nirupana and Paduka-pancaka by Sir John Woodroffe?

    Reading your words written on this blog Pari, one cannot reccomend this book highly enough to you.

    Get hold of a copy of it (ISBN: 0-486-23058-9), read and study through it, apply what you have learned; I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

    With Best regards,


  6. Excellent site! I love the subject of spirituality & science. I’m functional illiterate (dyslexic) & therefore wish I could read better to benefit from your wealth of wisdom & information.



    PLEASE CONTACT ME: xxxxxxxxxx

  8. kolam article was nice
    also ariticle on the song in kakka kakka uyirin uyire was nice
    getting interested in astrology i started studying astrology, it was amazing how our people had this much of knowledge on astronomy.

  9. Pari anna, I am very happy that I got to know about this site. I am a guy who never believed on God or Hinduism but now doing meditation and feeling lot of things which our siddhars kept in secret. I am just the beginner in meditation and would like to know more from you. I will meet you soon anna.

  10. Anna, thanks for spending some time with me. It’s my pleasure and wonderful moments in my life talking with you. You gave lot of information for the doubt “Which language emerged first either Tamil or Sanskrit”. You are more than what I thought. I am sure Pari = “A big library + well experienced person in Yoga”.

    I have so many doubts to ask you anna. I will meet you again soon.

    Sadhuragiri Hills is the place of Shiva Suyambu Lingam and it’s there around 60km from our campus. This is the place where our siddhars lived and still it’s believed they are living. You can find Korrakar cave where Korrkar siddhar stayed and Thavasi Parai where all the 18 siddhars did “Thavam”. I would like to join with your trips anna if possible. I hope your Kalugu Malai visit is going to be a great trip.

  11. hello pari sir,
    Really i m very shocked sir, really very nice good collection.

  12. Dear Pari Shanmugam, Seen you from your karate days at a distance… U r so focused, unique in ur thought and act, depth in knowledge and versatility in your work… Great to see all this… Thanks to sharing with us… Pl continue this…

  13. dear Pari

    My mother is also under hemodialysis due to BP,aged 68 years.I started ginger compression as informed by you. Since her hemoglobin is 5.8,i prefer to do twice in a week. Her weight is only 40 kgs.If you have any video clippings please share with me.She is a pure veg and wants to hear few more information regarding Ginger therapy.
    Doctor advice not to take any fruits, what do you recommend to take diet, coffee/tea

    mobile 94426 19030

  14. my father has creatinine level around 2 to 2.4 since last 5 years. We are doing ginger therapy(once in day) regularly since last 6 months.

    We are following this video for ginger theraphy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymsg0kS-0pQ

    I want to clear that gingelly oil need to apply before and after massage or apply only after massage. And how many times we need to do this in a day?

    Initially after doing this therapy for 2 months, my father’s creatine went 0.30 down(from 2.30 to 2.0). But then from next month only again it started increasing and again went to 2.30-2.40.

    Also It will be very helpful if you provide any video or picture for foot massage.

  15. @MURTHY V V B S
    You treated your dad for kidney failure at chennai.can u please tell the name of hospital and your expenses for carrying out the treatment. My mother is CKD V patient and I want to be there. I am a poor person, hence heavy expense I will not be able to bear.

  16. Hello Sir,

    My mother is 63 and is having renal failure symptoms. Could you please let me know where did you take your father for ayurvedic treatment. It will be really hepful to me. Please reply asap so that i can take her there sooner.


  17. My father Somashekhar basically from Mysore, Karnataka aged about 64 years suffering from DM2,Hypertension and CKD as diagnosised in Mysore. recently during March 2016, he was suffering from vomiting sensation with fever and unable to have food. these situation continued to an extent of 35 days. Then Dr. Manunath Shetty HOD Nephrology in JSS Hospital Mysore advised to go for Dialysis with a month by creating AV Fistula,

    After that he started dialysis ,then they advised to go for Cardiac Angiogram, in which they informed about blockages in arteries to go for CABG. as advised by cardiac surgeon.

    Now he is undergoing medication for Diabetics, BP,CKD and Cardiac related issues along with dialysis twice a week in JSS hospital Mysore and till now he is not recovered facing uneasiness like feelings.

    We are looking for alternative treatment to avoid dialysis, whether we can opt your medicines regular allopathy medicines? and also economy of the treatment,

    Kindly request you to reply with need, cause and nature of treatment for the Kidney failure.

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