Venus and Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter Conjunction 2015. Source: BusinessInsider

Two months after dad’s passing, often find my myself just staring off into space, the sky, trees, nature… a melancholic mix of meditation and longing for answers (dad? god? meaning? — probably this is what triggered many of our yogis into the quest for Truth (and the Buddha, like when he first saw the “Four Sights”: an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and an ascetic). Just that the Buddha took the quest for “meaning” as a full time pursuit.

Anyway last week July 1, while sitting at a light-rail train station and staring at the sky, I caught sight of the dazzling spectacle of Venus and Jupiter 2015 conjunction. It looked exactly like the photo shown above.

Today July 5, they are about 4 moon-widths apart. Not as dazzling as it was on July 1, but still a sight you shouldn’t miss. Just look in the West direction, it’s hard to miss. I took these today, around 9:30pm:

From the light-rail station right next to my apartment.
From the light-rail station right next to my apartment. The two planets are really much brighter than in the photo (due to bleeding from city/traffic lights). Click to zoom.
From behind building, away from street lights.
From behind a building, away from street lights.
Zoomed in.
Zoomed in.
Zoomed in more...
Zoomed in more… without shaking! Click for detail.

When you look up at the sky, broaden your mind beyond its limits, if not through direct vision like the yogis, at least from their testimony. The grahas and nakshatras are not just lumps of matter or just gaseous balls of flame, but pure consciousness (like everything else in the universe, but to varying degrees of expression). According to western scientists: Matter is nothing but condensed Energy. Yogis take it one step further: Matter is condensed Energy, and Energy is condensed Consciousness. The fact that solid matter is not just condensed energy but is elegantly related to light (jyothi), via E=mc2, is no small matter (like who would have thought? i.e. apart from yogi’s 5,000 years ago). Not to mention the meeting of two great minds, one of the greatest physicists that ever lived, Albert Einstein, and one of the greatest of Hindu spiritual masters/philosophers that walked this earth, Swami Vivekananda, is of no small coincidence either. See also The Krittikas.

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