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A number of people have asked me about the H1N1 vaccination. Why do they even have the concern? After all it is just a vaccine, protects you against a “deadly flu virus”, and so it is good to take it right?

A growing number of people in the USA are highly suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry, aka “Big Pharma”. There is nothing inherently wrong in making profit, as they have to recover the R&D investment they made in creating the vaccine. But when it is solely (and ruthlessly) driven by profit (under pressure to keep investors in Wall Street happy), then that becomes an issue. They have to sell aggressively, through every possible channel. The phrase “snake oil salesman” comes alive here.

We have examples like this remind us GlaxoSmithKline Fined $3 Billion by FDA for Improper Marketing and Unethical Behavior (see also Exposing FDA and Big Pharma and Big Pharma owns the FDA). Probably GlaxoSmithKline didn’t pay enough thug money to the thugs in the FDA, that’s why they got exposed. Also take a look at how many universities shutdown a research if it goes against Big Pharma industry, including numerous cases of researchers either being pressured into silence, or even fired. One of the biggest source of income to university research departments is Big Pharma (ever since grants from US government dwindled, they’ve turned to private companies for funding).

Big Pharma has also made attempts to get politicians to pass a bill which would make vaccination mandatory (i.e. illegal to refuse vaccination). It didn’t work. So next, they tried to do it on a smaller (but still huge) scale, by saying vaccination should be mandatory for all schools. Imagine the amount of profits (and the amount of tax payers money being siphoned up by these companies) if they were to get away with it (let alone the health risks).

In fact, there are many in the medical profession who refuse to take H1N1 vaccine themselves. This is much like how the number one creator of GMO (Monsanto), serves mainly organic/non-GMO food in their own cafeteria at their headquarters office (and when asked why, they simply say, because that is what their employees want and that they listen to their employees; and who are the employees? they are likely the guys in lab coats, apparently they don’t want to eat their own creation).

Herding the Sheep

The formula is nothing new: herd the masses like herding a flock of goats in your direction by scaring them (by playing isolated incidences in a loop, loudly and repeatedly, till they get psyched and all jacked up), take advantage of the fact that people trust the medical industry, not realizing that the primary motivation of the industry is not to save you, but to maximize profit. That is, killing, maiming, paralyzing a few people is ok, as long as it is doesn’t exceed a certain threshold of visibility. When it does become visible, by then Big Pharma would have made so much in profit, that a few lots of a million dollars of law suits is a drop in the bucket for them.

Take a look at the statistics from this link: all-you-need-to-know-about-the-deadly-h1n1-virus. The number of H1N1 deaths is 8 in the state of Tamil Nadu, and 17 in the state of Karnataka. For Tamil Nadu, population of over 60 million, that’s 0.00001%. A lot more people  die from diarrhea every year, but you don’t see that as an epidemic used to scare people. That’s because there is no money in it. Yet, people in cities panic on H1N1, because the media plays news of people dying from H1N1 in a loop, and exploiting the psychology of fear, using headlines that create mass hysteria. A total of 900 deaths due to H1N1 in India is such a tiny number considering the population density in India (1.2 billion, squeezed in area 1/3 of that of the USA), and considering the fact people literally are closer together, and don’t even wear flu protection masks. In fact, while the media is trying to whip up panic, the Indian Ministry of Health has come out to say no need for panic.

Though, if this was in the USA, I can understand the panic, as there ones immune system has already been rendered impotent by constant use of flu vaccines, antibiotics, ultra-hygienic food and environment, etc.

Super Bugs

People who say Big Pharma’s primary motive is genuine: to find new cures (and profit is secondary), is missing the point. These viruses, i.e. super-bugs are created by Big Pharma. At the scale at which they push these vaccines (targeting the population entire continents, if not the entire globe), they accelerate the rate of evolution of these bugs to the extent that it outstrips our own evolution. The bugs mutate and make huge jumps in sophistication in the evolutionary ladder to keep up with every generation of vaccine, at a rate that our body’s immune system can’t keep up with it, and we may one day become at the mercy of Big Pharma.

Bear in mind, we are talking about a flu virus — not some crazy disease like malaria, small pox, polio, typhoid, mad-cow disease. The body has been fighting flu bugs for over 6 million years, and will continue to do so for many more million… unless we succeed in turning the flu bug into some sort of monster by accelerating its evolution.

The question is, has that stage been reached? Are we already at the mercy of Big Pharma, that we have no other go than to take the vaccination? Depends upon which country you’re in. If you’re living in a highly sanitized, ultra-hygienic, “zero-bacteria”, “germ-free”, food-irradiated, antibiotic and vaccine pimping culture (like the USA), then you’re immune system is likely rendered impotent, and you’re at the mercy of Big Pharma. But it can still be remedied.

Reclaiming Your Immune System

I cannot give you the answer to whether you should or should not take the H1N1 vaccination. It depends on your life style and the country or environment you live in as mentioned above.

The body has an amazing ability to heal and fight off disease, provided of course you give it the means to. I feel we have not reached that level of complexity where our body cannot deal with it on its own. Our body can be trained to keep up with even superbugs. Like, don’t wash your hands too often, don’t correct your children if he/she drops a cookie on the floor and picks it up and eat it, etc. Drink at least 1-2 liters of water day. Do yoga: keep a healthy mind and body. Eat healthy: provide your body with all the micro-nutrients it needs to keep a strong immune system.

I have not taken H1N1 or any flu vaccine in 25 years, and don’t intend to ever. Even resist taking antibiotics (I think I’ve taken antibiotics no more than 3-4 times in past 25 years). I’ve become sick (cold/flu/fever) about once in 5 years. I don’t believe it is genetics, but healthy living. Prior to my lifestyle change, I used get sick (at least a cold, throat infection, or fever) at least a few times a year.

I’m also lucky to have had doctors who don’t insist or scare you like the media does to take vaccination. Who knows, maybe they might start firing doctors who do not scare you enough (like the cases in links below, were nurses were fired for refusing to take the H1N1 themselves).

The Risks

The trick about producing a vaccine, is to produce it so that it doesn’t damage or kill the body. But as the virus becomes more and more complex (accelerated by each generation of vaccine), the vaccine also becomes more and more complex. It is no small thing engineering a vaccine. As it becomes more complex, and given the shorter and shorter release cycles, many of the tests are not as comprehensive as they would be if they had years to test it. Which means, there will be lot more unpredictable side effects. Which is why the H1N1 vaccine carries warnings of neurological problems, paralysis, and even death. That is the cost of tampering with nature, instead of nurturing the body to develop immune system on its own.

There are risks, but no concrete source to quote (despite it being widely reported in the media). Likely because Big Pharma suppresses any such research (do not underestimate that, they have very powerful means of silencing any negative publicity from getting out). Just like Monsanto, warned one major news channel in writing, of dire consequences if they reported a certain finding in the news.

There have been reports of neurological disorders, people being paralyzed, and even death from the vaccine itself. Just search for H1N1 risks. Example: 800 Children in Europe Narcolepsy after H1N1 (narcolepsy is an incurable sleep disorder). See also Dr. Mercola.

The Real Risk

If you ask me, by focusing on the above risks, people are missing the biggest risk: that these vaccinations when used indiscriminately on such mass scale against a very illusive bug (which has survived as long as humankind), will create super-bugs, that out-strip our body’s evolution, and put us at the mercy of these super-bugs and Big Pharma in the future.

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