GMO Labelling

In California, the bill for GMO-labelling, Prop 37, was defeated in the last minute, by small margin of 53 to 47. The Pro-Labelling lobby (mostly consumers and small organic companies) raised $4 million, while in the last stretch pro-GMO companies (Monsanto, Dupont, Hershey, Coke, Pepsi, General Mills, etc) poured in $47 million worth of FUD-filled propaganda on farmers and consumers, resulting in the bill being defeated. If GMO is so harmless, why are the GMO companies so afraid of allowing labelling of the food?

GMO and Big Pharma industry control the media, academic institutions, and have people in well-placed positions in the government. Any media, academic institution, or politicians, that goes against GMO is swiftly silenced by threats of removal of funds (academic funds, election campaign funds, the next football sponsorship,…). Anyone interested in how the democratic process is subverted by corporations, read Noam Chomsky’s Profit over People and Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda.

In India, it’s done covertly by paying off the politicians with bribes. In the USA, it is done more openly, through lobbying. Both amount to the same thing: subversion of democracy by those with money and power, but at least when done through established channels like lobbying, it can be monitored and controlled by the people.

Democracy is not about just electing your politicians, but putting them to work. Exercise your vote and write to your congressman the next time there is a anti-GMO bill or GMO-labelling bill being introduced. If every person actively participates in politics then degree of corporate influence in lobbying can be attenuated. After all, it is in their interest also to listen to the demand. Which is why there are many companies in the USA that are voluntarily certifying and labeling their products as non-GMO.

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