Beetle Juice

Did you know that most of the food coloring used to color food red (in drinks, pastries, yogurt, etc) is made from beetle juice. That’s right, beetles, thousands of them, crushed, powdered, to make a “natural” crimson colored dye called carmine.

It takes about 100,000 cochineals (dactylopius coccus), to make 1 kg of cochineal dye. Peru produces 200 tonnes of cochineal dye. That’s about 2 billion bugs.

Almost all fast-food restaurants use carmine to color their strawberry milkshakes (by the way, most strawberry milkshake have no strawberries). The top name brands of juices, candy, yogurt, jams, gelatin use it: Yoplait, Dannon, Ocean Spray, etc. Not just limited to food, but cosmetics, as in lipsticks. Think of crushing bugs and smearing it on your lips, the old fashioned away that tribals did it — nothing wrong in it, if it doesn’t bother you, don’t let this stop you.

Another similar example where the industry sneaks animal products  into your food without labeling the origin is gelatin – the ingredient found in most jello, jellies, candies, ice-creams, etc. It is derived from skin and intestinal tissue of cows and pigs (boiling, processing, dehydrating, powdering, and adding it to your jello, ice-cream, etc). One more example is the use of pigs urine or horses urine, in the form of premarin (pregnant mare’s urine), in womens supplements for reducing menopausal symptoms (there are about 50 million women in the USA on estrogen replacement therapy — which in itself is another brainwashing).

Being a vegetarian, I try to avoid wherever possible any intentional harm to animals — bugs included. Harvesting them in the billions to make our desserts (or lips) look pretty, not [in] my cup of tea.

“Natural Flavoring Added”

Take a look at the ingredients listing of most any fast-foods and snacks. At the very end of the list you’re likely to find the innocent words “natural flavoring” or “natural coloring”. The question is, why even add natural flavoring (or coloring), if the food is natural? See the PBS book review link below where it says these natural flavorings are actually specially designed addictants, over 90% of which is produced by a huge stretch of chemical factories in the New Jersey area.

The FDA lets you say “natural coloring added” or “natural flavoring added” as long as it is derived from natural sources — even though it might have been processed and morphed beyond anything resembling natural.

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  • PBS – Fast Food Nation – If you thought you’re already aware of the bad chemicals that get pumped into your food by the fast food industry, then read this.
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2 thoughts on “Beetle Juice

  1. Yes, I just got a no-apology reply from damn Dannon that i share with you here:

    re: Damn Dannon Case #:1720862


    I absolutely hate Damn Dannon disgraceful practices. It may be legal, but it is NOT ethical. Dannon has forever destroyed public trust.
    It is absurd to think that consumers WANT DRIED BUGS IN THEIR YOGURT! I will get this information out to the public, including kids, schools, retailers, public event organizers, restaurant owners & suppliers, and vegetarians every chance I get. I know how to run a campaign.

    Determined to get the word out about Damn Dannon, no matter how long it takes!
    Audrey Fischer,

    On Oct 25, 2013, at 11:43 AM, wrote:

    October 23, 2013


    Thank you for contacting the Dannon Company, Inc. We appreciate your interest in our products!

    Carmine is a safe, FDA approved, natural, vivid red color derived from the female cochineal insect. The insect is collected from the cactus plant and exposed to the sun until it becomes thoroughly dry and brittle. Dannon uses this colorant in some of our products because of the vivid red color it provides. Many other red colored products on the market use this coloring also, and may simply list as “natural color”. The FDA allows the term “natural color” in ingredient statements, however, when we use a natural color we specifically state the color used.

    The following is a list of our yogurts that contain the carmine coloring as of July 2013. Please be sure to check ingredient labels for any changes:

    Fruit on the Bottom – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry Banana
    Activia – Strawberry, Blueberry, Prune, Mixed Berry, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry Banana
    Activia Light – Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Banana
    Activia Fiber – Strawberry & Cereal
    Oikos Greek 0% – Strawberry, Blueberry
    Oikos Greek Traditional – Strawberry
    Light & Fit Greek: Strawberry, Blueberry

    If you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to email us or call.

    Best Regards,

    Lisa Moore
    Consumer Response Representative
    1-877-DANNON-US (1-877-326-6668)
    (Mon-Fri, 9AM – 6PM ET)


  2. Yes, I just received a no-apology letter from damn Dannon about the bugs it includes in their products. Disgusted with Dannon.

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