Church Protectionism

Why so long for church to admit scandals?

Why does it take so long for the church to admit scandals (like pedophilia, molestation, scandals, cover ups) even with testimony by victims in the tens of thousands across the world?

Well that’s because covering up scandals is part of the Vatican’s 10 commandants, and over a thousand years of experience in doing that they’ve become extremely sophisticated in maintaining power control:

“The number one goal of every Bishop, and part of the vows they take when they become Bishop, is to protect the Church from scandal. And protecting the Church from scandal means that documents, witnesses, and victims are kept quiet and shuffled away.”

—  Joelle Casteix, Survivor of Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church, and, Regional Director in SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests).

“Anyone involved in the sexual abuse investigation, the accuser and the accused, are to be restrained by a perpetual silence… on all matters and with all persons, under the penalty of excommunication.”

— from leaked Vatican document, used in a court preceding, in support of a victims of sexual abuse, as evidence of organized cover-up in the Vatican.

This is vital to be aware of, because India does not have as many watchdog groups, lobbies, and lawyers to go after churches as they do in the USA, resulting in many cases of sexual abuses in churches going on silently (which never gets coverage in the media, but known well by the locals, who are helpless). In fact, there are two convicted American priests (on charges of pedophilia / child molestation) which the USA is demanding the Indian government to extradite, but they are under the save haven of protection of the Christian church in the State of Kerala in India.

While countless scandals in the churches in India go free, the foreign controlled Christian media constantly sets up traps for Hindu gurus on charges of sexual scandal, with not a shred of evidence. In fact, the evidence submitted for the sexual scandal of one Indian guru was a video tape of two consenting adults, rolling around, in bed, with their cloths on, for five minutes… (no intercourse, no inappropriate touching, nothing…). A few months later that video  itself turned out to be a fabricated video. Amazing how the mainstream media spun this as a sex scandal on just about every channel in India. They should be reminded of the sex scandals that go on in the USA and Europe to know what “sex” is. It is none of anyones business when two consenting adults have sex. If the guru had sex does that discount all his deep philosophical expositions (which has nothing to do with celibacy)? if Einstein had several extra-marital affairs would that discredit his works or the respect we honor him? Not to mention Einstein has been married 4 times, what does that say about his character?

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