Jesus Camp

I came across this film, Jesus Camp, a pretty disturbing documentary showing devastating indoctrination of young kids. If this can be done in a country which you would think is the most progressive nation on the planet, then you can imagine what’s going on in the rest of world, where there are very little watchdog groups to monitor their activities, where the uneducated and poor around the world are just easy prey, fresh for harvest.

Jesus Camp preacher to kids: “You’re not going to be the same person that you came on this camp. You’re going to be a different person, you’re going to be radical, you’re going to be on fire. How many of you want to be those who would give up there life for Jesus [audience of kids cheer and raise their hands]”? Well, I guess that says it all.

Jesus Camp preacher to kids: “We’re going to break something… here tonight [holding a porcelain cup with the words ‘GOVERNMENT’ written on it]. We’re going to break the power of the enemy in government. [then each kid proceeds to the podium and break one of several such cups with a hammer, with an expression of vindication]” And you wonder why countries like China and India crack down on radical Christian missionaries?

Jesus Camp preacher to kids (upon catching the kids telling each other ghost stories): “God says to focus on those things that have beauty… Focus on the good things and things that have God.” First you’ve repeatedly rammed into their heads ideas of Devil, Evil, Sin, Death, War, Enemies, and a vindictive vengeful God full of wrath and punishment. Then, you tell them, oh by the way, Jesus said be good. It reminds me of HAL9000 (the computer of “2001: A Space Odyssey”), the fateful decision it took after being fed with conflicting directives.

Jesus Camp preacher to kids: “Take these prophecies and do what the apostle Paul said and make war with them! This means war! This means war! This means war! Are you a part of it or not?”. Sound familiar? Just substitute Paul with Mohammed. This is how it all starts, with the indoctrination of the unsuspecting, depriving them of proper knowledge and critical thinking.

The film ends with the following overlay/commentary: “The most religious nation in the world is India. The most irreligious nation is Sweden. We are a nation of Indians ruled by Swedes. As Christians, you are the leaders, you speak for God. We care about our country. .. .. .. Let the Church rise! [applause]”. I have no idea what they mean by “we [the USA] are a nation of Indians[?] ruled by Swedes[?]”.

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