Super Brain Yoga?

Hindus have been doing this for ages. In Tamil it’s called thōpukaranam (தோப்புக்கரணம்). This is a typical ritual when praying to Ganesha (God in the form of “Remover of Obstacles” and “Purveyor of Knowledge”). Yet another spiritual technology expropriated from Hindus and inducted into science.

In addition, the exercise has been used as punishment (by teachers and parents) imposed on children when they didn’t do their homework, said a lie, did something mischievous, or said something that was not very thoughtful. So, today’s Hindus might not know the science behind it, but the correlation between this exercise and buddhi (intellect, smarter brain function) has been embedded in the tradition and transmitted down for ages. My dad says in his school days, when two kids are caught cheating or gossiping, the teacher would have them hold each others ears and do thōpukaranam together.

Super Brain Yoga is the doing of Filipino-Chinese New Age healer, Chon Kok Sui, who has visited India a couple of times; so no surprise where he got his idea from. I’d like to give him credit for his marketing (and for introducing a valuable knowledge to the West)… if only he’d have given credit to where credit is due.

The world is tapping into India’s storehouse of knowledge – ranging from patents on over a thousand Indian plant-based natural drugs (based on neem, turmeric, amla, etc) to spiritual traditions. The question is, when will [enough] Indians wake up and start doing it as well?

As a side note: I feel that the scientific validation they claim for thōpukaranam is pretty weak. I’ll wait for more data before I can say it’s been “validated by science”. That doesn’t mean it should be dismissed as nonsense either.

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