Natural NSAIDs

After my brush with allopathic NSAIDs (based on COX-2 inhibitors) with crazy side-effects (see Evil NSAIDs), I decided to look for alternatives. My dad said COX-2 inhibitors occur naturally in turmeric, so that was a good starting point.

First of all what are COX-2 inhibitors? COX (cyclooxygenase) is a group of enzymes that protects the stomach lining from ulcer. It also plays a role in causing musculoskeletal inflammation (such as in rheumatoid arthritis or a sports injury). The COX inhibitor works by blocking the gene-expression responsible for the production of that enzyme. This is what COX inhibitor drugs do (like Vioxx and etoricoxib drugs). COX-1 inhibitors had the problem that by inhibiting COX it takes away the very enzyme which protect stomach from ulcer. COX-2 inhibitors do not have this side effect — but introduced some other rare but very serious side effects.

When COX-2 inhibitors occur in natural foods, why bother with allopathic medicine with dangerous side effects? These big pharmaceuticals are just in it for your wallets. You think they’ll say, oh no do don’t take our drugs, instead take herbs and other natural remedies. Doctors won’t say that either, as they get a lot of money from pharma companies. It’s a big hungry business, and we’re the victims (and guinea pigs – as these drugs are hardly thoroughly tested). In fact, the pharmaceutical industry routinely tries to discredit natural medicine in order to protect their revenue stream.

Natural COX-2 Inhibitors

Here are a  bunch of natural NSAIDs:

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