Bad Apples

Bad Apples

Next time you reach for a shiny red apple think again. The apple in the photo was originally shiny red. What you see is the effect of just soaking it in water for 1/2 hour. At first I thought it was the water, so I did the same using filtered water, got the same result. Just to make sure it’s just the wax coating I dipped it for few seconds in boiling water and took it out… not only was the wax (and that white coloration) gone, but you could smell the molten wax in the hot water. I did the same experiment with apples that weren’t polished – they did not give that yucky white coating. For shock-effect try this yourself, you’ll never reach for a polished fruit again, steer away from them!

The whole point of soaking it in water (as you should do with any fruits/vegetables) is to remove any pesticide residues. But who knows how much of pesticide is preserved under that wax coating? and the damage it is doing to your body? not to mention what kind of wax is it (wax itself being a petroleum byproduct)? Health problems are alarmingly high – like allergies, organ failure (liver, kidney,…), birth defects, neurological damage, etc…. People hardly know to make this connection.

Let’s not forget about  the chemical daminozide (aka Alar), that was used on apples until it was banned in 1989 after studies found that it produced tumors in mice. It was sprayed on fruits to regulate their growth (affected flower-bud initiation) and affected quality of harvest in storage. It was also used on cherries, peaches, pears, grapes, tomatos, and peanut vines [see: Wikipedia]

Of course… they’ll tell you it’s “safe” (like they always do), as they’re more interested in selling “shiny red apples” over the competition — those shiny red apples attract several times more customers. They’ll even make claims of “organic” wax coating. But why even bother with any coating? Because people are still instinctively driven to buy the shinier apples (or for that matter any fruit/vegetable that is unnaturally shiny). Hope this photo will change your mind! It’s much safer to go for the more natural duller fruit.

See this video, “The Slow Poisoning of India“:

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