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I just wanted share this, as I never really new this dark side of Mother Teresa, until I came across this book by Christopher Hitchens: The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. I’ve been a long time fan of Christopher Hitchens ever since I read his book “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” — that mass murderer who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Now Mother Teresa getting the Nobel Peace Prize confirms what a big fraud that so called “Peace Prize” (and the sort of politics involved in who the prize is given to).

“Everything everybody thinks about Mother Teresa is false. Not just most of the things, all the things. It must be the most single successful emotional con job of the twentieth century. She was corrupt, nasty, cynical, and cruel.”
– Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens is a well known critical thinker and author, well known for his critique of religious fundamentalism (regardless of which religion). Most of his criticism are so water-tight, that religious fundamentalists only know how to counter his points by engaging in ad-hominem attacks or dodge the topic, instead of answering to his reasoning or evidence.


In the West there are many who believe Mother Teresa was a big time fraud: riddled with lies, hypocrisy, money laundering, cruelty, and cruel disregard for the natives beliefs.

In contrast, in India, hardly anyone knows this dark side. Everybody believes that she is a “saint” and her life is beyond questioning. If anyone raises as much a finger of criticism, they will be referred to as “fundamentalist”, when in fact it is the followers of the Mother Teresa cult who are fundamentalist, by the very fact they cannot accept any criticism.

When Mahatma Gandhi is not granted immunity to criticism, why should this lady be? Just as nobody is above the law, nobody should be holier than thou, nobody should be above criticism.

People of any religions anywhere (including in India) should be mature enough to have debates on “sensitive” topics. No topic should be “sensitive”. Are people like little children, are they so insecure in their beliefs or identity, that the media needs to protect them from “sensitive” topics?

Some of the Criticisms

Death Bed Conversions

“Mother Teresa encouraged members of her order to baptize dying patients, without regard to the individual’s religion“(source: Wikipedia). In the Big Debate on “Mother Teresa: Good or Evil”, the host brings up “the death bead conversions” at 2:17.

The Poor Should Accept Their Lot

Many patients were even denied basic pain-killers and even anesthesia. When asked why, Mother Teresa said she believed suffering is wonderful thing, it brings people closer to Jesus, and that the poor should accept their lot (as being poor and suffering).

“I think it is very beautiful for the poor to accept their lot.”
– Mother Teresa (on the topic of suffering)

The poor should accept their lot? If that is not a caste system, what is? If the same was said by any other religion, they’d be branded as fundamentalist, casteism, and people would scream human rights abuse. Not to mention, the Church in India is not immune to casteism (Dalit Christians, Nadar Christians, etc).

In the below clip, on “The Big Debate, Mother Teresa: Good or Evil”, the host brings up:  “how do you feel about this elevation of suffering, this beauty of suffering because it takes you nearer to Jesus, and of being poor”. The guest Benjamin Zephaniah replies: “I think it is terrible, you never hear people who are poor and suffering say it is great and wonderful”.

Against Contraceptives

Not only does this lady impose her religious beliefs on the community around her by opposing handing out of condoms? But the consequences terrible. She’d rather have people get pregnant, and make them have the child, and have them both suffer. Probably because it goes in line with her “suffering is a beautiful thing”.

If her selling of children for Rs 1000 to Catholic couples abroad is not child laundering, what is? She appears to have the supply and demand all worked out, given her being against contraceptives. No wonder many in the West say she’s not just bad, but “evil”.

Where did the Money Go?

For the millions of dollars she receives, her hospital should be first class. But the hospital that Mother Teresa operated was appalling (even by standards compared with government hospitals in India). The nuns there even reused the same needles, and thereby spreading diseases like herpes and HIV (and then later not giving pain-killers by saying suffering is good).

On the other hand, for minor ailments she went to the the Scripps Institute (the affluent city of La Jolla, CA), heart treatment she went to the Birla Heart Institute, and when she was dying she went to the most expensive clinic in Switzerland. Whatever happened to her “suffering is a beautiful thing”? Shows the hypocrisy.

The millions she collected in donations from around the world were dumped in the Vatican Bank. Also the common response to why was her main hospital in Calculta (especially during the time she served) one of the most appalling… is that Mother Teresa did not believe in making a big high-class hospital but spreading the money to open hospices and clinics all over the world. This has been proven completely false. The majority of the so called hospices and clinics” were anything but that. They were centers for missionary training. So much of the millions of dollars she swindled went to missionary activities.

Also, the Vatican Bank, where she stashed her millions, is one of the most corrupt banks in the world, used by the worlds killers, tyrants, dictators, mafia, etc. Which comes to the next point.

Teresa and the Mafia

Why doesn’t somebody who is supposed embody piety have a greater association with honest people and corporations for her funding? Instead chooses to have more connections and funding from dictators, tyrants, criminals, mafia (who themselves got their money by killing or exploiting millions)?

No amount of lame justification (like what that Catholic responded saying she takes money from everyone, she does not judge…), can justify the fact that by taking tainted money she is encouraging mass killings by dictators, murders by mafia, etc. Essentially blood money. And she talks about morality? So the standards of using blood money doesn’t apply to her, while it applies for others? If it was in the USA she would have been imprisoned (like has been done to some of her mafia dons, they are in prison now). Or maybe this is “normal” for the Catholic Church.

Dodging the Questions

In the above videos observe how the Christian/Catholic fundamentalists dodges the questions. It is a very typical attitude by fundamentalists. In this case they dodge answer the question by saying:

  1. “You are attacking my religion.”
  2. “Give me proof, give me evidence.”

You can’t give proof in a 30 minute debate. Proof involves references, bank accounts, paper trails, interviews with workers, patients, etc. As a good place to start, read Christopher Hitchens book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice. If you don’t have time to read his book, read this excellent review, “About time someone dared say it” and “Triple Entendre“.

Why so long for this to come out?

See: Church – Oath of Protectionism

Christopher Hitchen’s “Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel”

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