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[updated Mar-2015]

Here is a sample of the overlords from abroad from whom Indian Christian Missionaries get their training from. These are the “gurus” for a large number of today’s Indian Christian converts. Just watch the first 4 minutes. What’s more interesting are the comments.

Why do we need hospitals and doctors or even medical science when we have Jesus? Oh my, scientists must look into this, these people have the cure for AIDS, cancer, diabetes, blindness, paralysis, etc, and even raising people from the dead.

There are plenty of books and videos exposing Benny Hinn (and others like him), just google it. For example, a hotline that was setup for victims of Benny Hinn, was deluged with calls, some of whom were people whose loved ones had died after being told they were healed, or if not healed being told “the reason you weren’t healed was because you didn’t give enough money.”

Another example (from “Benny Hinn Exposed – 40 years of lies”), when an investigator asked: “The very first women you brought up on stage, in Albuquerque was presented by you as being cured, a miraculous walk. But we saw her walking and chatting with one of your staff before your show even began.” His response was: “Let me tell you something, that woman was a fake.” So each time you get exposed, you conveniently call the victim as fraud?

This is why the Article 25 of the Indian Constitution says, conversion is fine provided, “subject to public order, morality and health“. The above faith healers clearly violates morality and health.

America’s Lastest Export

With church attendance falling to all time lows in the USA, missionaries are spreading their wings far and wide (and very aggressively, more so because they are in fierce competition with each other: Lutherans, Baptists, Adventists, Pentecostals, Catholics, etc). Meet America’s greatest export: Christian missionary nut jobs, exported in troves to India, and each one of them with the sophistication (in brainwashing) to effect millions:

If Jesus were alive today, here’s what he’d do:

The video below is of very serious concern, as the audience are children, and young minds are very impressionable. Adults can make informed decision (to convert), but not children (nor the uneducated and ignorant masses). Just as sex without consent is rape, this is a rape of children’s mind, as it is being done without their consent (they are too young to even know what is happening, let alone consent). This sort of activity happens across India. And is illegal.

Article 25 of the Indian Constitution says, conversion is fine provided, “subject to public order, morality and health“.

These activities clearly violates morality and [mental] health.

So why haven’t law enforcement stepped in? Well, that’s no surprise… because Hindus are not bothered about it until it reaches a turning point where it reaches their doorstep (like when these Christian Missionary mafia terrorize Hindu majority villages, demonizing Hindu spiritual traditions, etc). Hindu’s are too reactive, instead of nipping the problem in its early stages. And by the time Hindus do react, Christian converts would be too entrenched in society, and continue their steady eating away of Hindu culture.

The Christian Missionary mafia will also shout about violation of freedom of expression, human rights, etc. Freedom of expression has to be mutually respected. It is not a one way street where you encroach on the host culture (the culture which enables the freedom of expression in the first place) and at the same time destroy it by promoting a “my way or the highway” culture (i.e. only yours is true, and other forms of spiritual expression should be destroyed/converted).

The Danger of Ignoring This

You’d be tempted to say, if people are that dumb, dumb enough to fall for these faith healers, then good riddance, let them.

It is not a question of “dumb”, but maybe a spiritual longing and/or insecurity, like a deep desire to fulfill a spiritual void, or more psychological like depression, loss of loved ones from disaster or accident, extreme poverty, dysfunctional family, disease, etc.

It is dangerous to just ignore. Once the number of followers reach a certain level, even if small in number, when united, they are more vocal and powerful than the silent majority. Such fanatics have their allegiance to a foreign body (Church) or a higher calling, not to the nation, and often stand against national interests and retard progress. As is happening in the USA where Christian right-wing fundamentalists have reached the level of being able to subvert things based on their belief: on abortion, contraceptives, gay rights issues, evolution (replacing Darwin theory of evolution, with man coming from Adam and Eve), cosmology (replacing Big Bang Theory with Biblical story in Genesis), etc. Secularists will protest that Hindus are also doing the same by yoga and Hindu religious symbols like Nataraja. No, yoga was not pushed onto the USA, it gained popularity by its own merit (like when a good book does when left on library shelf, nobody has to push it). Similarly the Nataraja was not pushed onto scientists at CERN (you think western scientists would so easily accept a religious symbol on their premise, that too at the premier institution in the world for particle physics, where all the greatest minds in that field meet?).

Sometimes faith (sometimes personal, sometimes in the form of mass hysteria) can lead to a powerful catharsis (or activating kundalini shakti) with some external trigger mechanism (or initiation), but to activate it without the proper discipline (like yoga) can be dangerous (not only physiologically, but even result in the person walking away with superstition and blind belief).

Do not hesitate to expose them

Rational people should start exposing all faith healers. The more you talk about, it the less people will fall for them. Faith healers use fraudulent methods to fool people (trickery, props, actors, etc). Nothing wrong in having faith. Even scientists (including yogis) often pursue a certain path with faith or conviction or a hunch. But it is backed by intellect. If it doesn’t make sense they are ready to reject it.

Most Hindus and other rational people, no matter how deep their faith in whatever spiritual tradition they follow, do not sell their brains to that faith. They always put the method of science and philosophy, the power of reasoning, the power of yoga (to produce clarity of thought), above faith.

Whenever a Hindu exposes these Christian missionary charlatans that convert people in in the hundreds of thousands, the pseudo-secular media becomes defensive, points to some fringe Hindu group which “converted” no more than 50 people and sensationalizes it. Which itself is an anomaly as Hindus don’t convert — as Hinduism is not a religion, but a culture with scores of spiritual traditions within it. Ask 100 Hindus what “holy” book you follow, what “prophet”/guru you follow, what god you pray to, what rituals you follow,… you’ll likely get 100 different answers. So, which particular spiritual tradition would a Hindu “missionary” convert you to? Any conversion to Hinduism is more likely to be a de-brainwashing back to an open culture of Hinduism from the fundamentalist intolerant non-pluralistic culture that Christian missionaries promote.

Christians often counter this with, “what about Hindus teaching yoga in schools?” Big difference, yoga is a science. It has been studied by research institutions worldwide as a science. Yoga (and its accompaniments like mantras and tantras) do not brainwash. On the contrary it does just the opposite, it equips you with clarity of thought, allowing you to do critical thinking, contemplation, meditation and make informed decisions. Hindus teachers do not drill into your brain that you need to take faith in any particular “savior” or deity in order to be “healed”. There are no promises of “miracle healing” by an external agent (i.e. outside your own effort).

Baba Ramdev

It is almost ridiculous and shows either how ignorant or desperate Christian missionaries are, when they say “what about Hindu ‘faith healers’ like Baba Ramdev”. No comparison.

  1. He is not a faith healer. He does not say Krishna or Shiva or Durga is going to heal you (like Christian faith healers claim Jesus is healing you through them).
  2. He uses the science of Yoga, Ayurveda, Siddha, Tantra, etc. Research institutions around the world have been intensively mining knowledge (taking without giving credit; i.e. stealing) from yoga, ayurveda, siddha, tantra, and other Hindu sciences.
  3. His goal is not to convert you (he is a Hindu, which faith would he convert you to? there are thousands of faiths in Hindu culture). He couldn’t give a damn what your religion is (whereas Christian faith-healers requires your faith in Jesus as your Lord).
  4. He says the only person who can heal one is oneself, and that it can happen only through effort. The gurus goal is to strengthen the individual via the science and practice of yoga. One can always avail “to help from above”, but that connection is through some form of yoga (to elevate yourself to that higher state of consciousness), not through some charlatan. You can call that higher consciousness whatever you want, but don’t go all hysterical over it.
  5. Lastly, Ramdev does not use fraudulent methods like props, actors, and other trickery. This is well known to be used by Christian faith-healers, in fact there are entire training bootcamps for that (where many of the Indian Christian faith-healers get their training from).

There is no doubt every culture has its share of faith healers and charlatans, but for every one Baba Ramdev you point out, one can find scores of Christian faith healers, as this quackery business in the name of Jesus has become a prime operating model for Christian missionaries, and they do it on such a phenomenal scale, given their level of funding from abroad.

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