Animal Cruelty

Impaled AliveOn my way back from a rural temple, I found these chickens impaled alive and just left there to slowly bleed to death. There are still parts of the globe that have these sort of rituals as part of their cultural beliefs.

But how much more cruel is it than skinning animals alive for their fur, or butchering them while half-alive for meat, or having their throats slit and suffer the death throes and angst of bleeding to death under the hypocritical pretense of halal meat, or torturing them in animal testing in the cosmetic and pharma industry, which happens on a much more massive scale – as in the millions (and done by the more “modernized” people).

I remember a colleague of mine in the USA, upon hearing some news about someone being axed to death using a machete in Asia (don’t remember where, was a while back), made the remark: “You guys use machetes and knives? That’s barbaric. We’re more civilized, we use guns.” Shows the double standards when Christians refuse to call slaughterhouses as cruel (where animals are killed in the thousands), meanwhile point to Jallikattu, were the animal is not even killed.

Note: this does not represent the majority of Hindu culture. India is full of harsh contrasts like this. While there are practices of this nature limited only to few times a year during certain festivities for that specific Hindu sub-culture, Hindus are by and far, far more animal conscious than the West (which slaughter animals in the millions per month, for nothing other than lowly sense gratification of their taste buds). In fact, whopping 60% of Hindus in India are vegetarian by choice or tradition (the percentage may be as high as 70% of all Hindus if you count the number who are predominantly vegetarian, i.e. who eat meat only on certain days of the week).

There are many things that Hindus have been practicing far thousands of years that the West has “discovered” only now: meditation, yoga, organic/sustainable farming, alternative/plant-based medicine (Ayurveda, Siddha, etc), zero/decimal system, algebra (from variable equations to quadratic formula; which was copied into Arab language), trigonometry, infinite series, value of pi, “Pythagoras” theorem, textiles (the fact you can spin a cloth out of fine cotton fiber or silk), metallurgy, the practice of bathing daily, shampoo, etc.

Instead Western media will continue to always highlight the most cruel and ugly exceptions to continuously reinforce the pseudo-superiority image of their culture, and make other cultures look primitive, uncivilized, barbaric, “white man’s burden” (requiring intervention by the West to save/civilize them; in fact this pseudo-superiority was and still is the main motivation for Christian missionaries).


Good news, that people are evolving to turn to more sustainable foods (vegetarianism). This is an organic process of evolution. There is no need an external agency (like animal rights activists) to police people and ban such cultural practices and force different cultural paradigm upon them.

Just as about 3% of the USA population now has turned to becoming full or partial vegetarian (and is rapidly increasing each year), by asking themselves is it really worth it to kill an animal for non other than lowly gratification of taste buds, especially when healthy vegetarian alternatives are available.

Note: that is 3% American (mostly Christians, Hindus, Buddhists) in contrast to 70% of Hindus. So, before the West points to Indians as regressive, know your facts. After all 20 million Americans are practicing yoga invented by Hindus over thousands of years of refinement by countless yogis (sages, saints, siddhars, rishis, sadhus, etc), which in turn has accelerated the turn to vegetarianism.

First go after larger fish in Western culture of the millions of animals slaughtered/tortured for meat, leather, dairy, fur, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, etc… before pointing (self-righteously) to deficiencies in other cultures.

See these videos (warning: very graphic/disturbing images):

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