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Just a short sample. Please do visit and explore each site. You’ll find the level of sophistication and amount of funding mind-blowing. Please cut-and-paste the links into your browser (I’ve intentionally made it not clickable; it’s worth the time cutting-and-pasting, please do!).

A word of caution: they have dazzling propaganda videos. One thing the West/Christians excel at is marketing and sales. They know how to sell. For example, Hindu organizations do tens of thousands of times more service to the poor and to the environment than any of these missionaries, but you don’t hear about them, as they don’t market it or try to sell it.

  • – the main page plays a song (roughly from what I can make out): “hear the call of the harvest… the fields are ripe for the harvest… the Lord has sent me… harvest, harvest, harvest! Jesus is the seed of the harvest, bring the fruit of the harvest…”
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Articles / Videos

It is a fact, that India is the number one target of Christian missionaries today:

  • 1040 Window – Wikipedia
  • The Politics of Conversion – Christian missionaries use Gandhi and Ambedkar as pro-Christian. While these figures were very vocal about uprooting certain Hindu practices, they were certainly not embracing Christianity, in fact, they were all very much against Christians (as they both made it very clear, they have no problem with Jesus, but consider Christianity as a blight on the Earth).
  • Cults, Conversions, and Tamil Nadu Ordinance – by Laura Kelly, author of “Conversions in India – A Geopolitical Time Bomb”
  • The Eleventh Commandment: ‘thou shall not convert” – editorial in The Hindu by Laura Kelly. Very good article, please read fully.
  • The Sri Lankan Crisis – Prof. Valentine Daniel of Columbia University in this excellent seven minute talk narrates how the Sri Lankan crisis between Ceylonese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus is a result of divisiveness that never existed prior to Christian missionaries.

Additional Links:

  • Christian aggression in Cauvery Layout, India – Part 1
  • Agony of Hindus in Kanyakumari district: indira colony
  • Child Molestor Priest – Wanted By USA – But Reinstated by Catholic Church in India – The fact that news like this (including numerous cases of rape by Christian priests in Kerala) has not got 24×7 coverage (like the media would do if the same had been a Hindu guru), shows who controls the media.
  • Hinduism under Threat by Missionaries (read with discretion)
  • Christian stake in Indian media
  • Jesus Camp – Shocking how children are indoctrinated, even within the USA, including making them anti-establishment.
  • Africa – the North-South DivideMust read this to get an idea of where things are heading in states like Tamil Nadu, which is given a distinct identity “Tamil”, “Dravidian”, “Dalit”, etc which is positioned against rest of India, including using this distinct identity to drive a wedge between them and Hindu identity. “Thus when a people’s religion is destroyed, their traditions die and culture atrophies. In his book, Africa and the World, Dr. W. E. B. Du Bois described the destruction of African culture in graphic terms: “…The old religion was held up for ridicule, the old culture and ethical standards degraded or disappeared, and gradually all over Africa spread the inferiority complex, the fear of colour, the worship of white skin, the imitation of white ways of doing and thinking, whether good, bad, or indifferent.”
  • Anti-Hindu Song removed
  • Hindus in Netherlands (although a minority in Netherlands, they seem to better off than in India — it is how it should be with Hindus within India; Hindus should be proud of their highly accommodating pluralistic spiritual traditions within their own country)

Watchdog Sites on Christian Missionaries in India

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