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This is a continuation of Missionary Aggression. Check out missionary sites listed in Christian Missionary Sites first so that you get a sense of their level of reach and sophistication.

Note, I use the term “the Church” in this article to refer to Christian missionaries that breed fundamentalist or radical ideologies.


I don’t remember the source, but someone once said, “The USA has 4 wings for enforcing world order: 1) the army, 2) the navy, 3) the air force, 4) the church.”

Missionary converts place their loyalty to the Church (a foreign power with the sophistication and funding of a multi-billion dollar business). It is enough that there are forces within a democracy that tend to subvert democracy (like corporations). But extremely dangerous if that force is a foreign body operating in India through its new extensions. It can steer important political decisions of a country in the favor of their new masters. It becomes a long-distance colonialism. This is the reason why China in 2008 expelled over 100 missionaries in one sweep, over a period of few months (see the missionary-effect below).

For example, let’s say a group of multi-billion dollar US biotech companies want to introduce toxic pesticide (which can devastate the ecosystem and the health of the people). And let’s say the environmentalists in India protest against this. So what happens? the US biotech company lobby their US politicians, and the politicians lobby their church representatives to lobby the Christian loyalists in India against the environmentalists (and empowering them with propaganda sophistication 10x more potent than the local environmentalists, including control of media channels, control of the corrupt police, control of politicians, etc.). The media, police, politicians overpowers and silences the environmentalists. Victory to the biotech companies (and lots of kickbacks to the Churches pockets, for more expansion of their distributed regime). Devastation for the ecosystem and to the people who become guinea pigs for Americas biotech trials.

There are plenty of transcripts, including video recordings of politicians representing and pushing these agendas vocally on the Senate floor in the USA.

1. Tamil Nadu

[Update 2012]

Similar to the example that I described above (of church’s rallying in favor of biotech industries), was the recent protests against the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant, orchestrated by the Church.

It is not too unreasonable to assume that it would be in the USA’s best interest that India did not become self-sufficient in nuclear energy — especially one that is bought from Russia. In fact, had the deal been with American nuclear plant companies instead of Russian, then the Church (funded through lobbies from the industry-church-politics nexus) would have rallied the people to work in the opposite direction (of supporting the nuclear plants).

This is not the first time that Christians got all riled up whenever attempts are made to improve the livelihood of a community. Because when people rise up in economic and educational status, they become harder to convert by using money.

Take a look at the assembly of bishops around the Chief Minister of the State (I’ve never seen a group of Hindu gurus or spiritual leaders congregate like that with a head of state). Whatever happened to separation of Church and State?

(BTW, I am not in favor of nuclear energy; I just cited this as an example of how influential the Church is).

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2. The Sri Lankan Crisis

Wherever Christianity has displaced indigenous cultures, it has taken centuries for the society to “heal” (where heal means, slow extermination of those who refuse to convert). There are many anecdotal evidences I can quote, but let me take something that is very close to the shores:

Listen to this seven minute talk, The Sri Lankan Crisis, by Prof. Valentine Daniel (Sri Lankan Christian expatriate) of Columbia University – that shows how the Sri Lankan crisis between Ceylonese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus is a result of divisiveness that never existed prior to Christian missionaries. The Christian missionaries introduced the idea of identity based on ethnicity and religion. The missionaries left, but the division they left behind remained (this is seen in Africa, Philippines, Fiji, etc). The Christian Church with extreme subtlety and discretion, kindled the feeling of deep resentment, anger, and demand for independent state – separate from the dominant non-Tamil speaking Buddhist population of Sri Lanka) leading to the Sri Lankan-Tamil conflict with millions killed. The Tamil fighters were bank-rolled and armed largely through money coming through the Church.

3. China

When the United States and China established diplomatic relations in 1979, President Jimmy Carter asked Deng Xiaoping to reopen Christian churches, print Bibles and welcome back foreign missionaries. Deng granted the first two requests.

China’s state-approved “patriotic” churches (both Catholic and Protestant) have since opened more than 37,000 churches and “meeting places” and have printed more than 22 million Bibles…

Critics in the United States accuse China of persecuting Christians. But by some estimates, 50 million Chinese have been baptized since the late 1970s….

Behind this change is economics: Beijing’s rules no longer count for much in the cash-strapped provinces. As reformers unravel the socialist safety net, local leaders must find new ways to finance basic services like schools and health clinics.

Washington Post article

The above quote is from a 1998 article. Ten years later, in 2008, the China Government recognized the dangerous of Christian missionaries and expelled over 100 missionaries between April-June 2008. They saw that the loyalties of the new found Christian converts were to the Church (not to China), especially in the more deprived rural areas. This can lead to the Church fueling anger, resentment, and feelings of disenfranchisement. This can eventually lead militarization, insurgency, and demanding of separate state (one only need to look at other places as proof of where things will head). When that happens, global media will demonize the Chinese Government only.

Note also that the President (Jimmy Carter) of the most powerful country on the planet, the USA, asked the then Chinese Premier, to open up to Christian missionaries. The USA Government (elected by the people) is powerfully controlled by Church interests. For who those secularists in India who look at the USA as a bastion of secularism, think again, it’s not all what it seems under the surface.

There is freedom  to serve to China right, but no freedom to do wrong or upset the  Government of China… As for religious freedom, I must make it  clear to you that we have sent away these foreign missionaries  who were really at heart colonists and who did harm to China.  They will not be allowed to come back… The doors are indeed  closed once and for all in China to the imperialistic Christian  missionaries.
– Prime Minister Chou En Lai, China

One would be surprised to know that even European countries have laws in place that prohibit evangelical missionaries. Not to mention that the majority of Muslim countries, greatly curtail the freedom of minorities: any public display of non-Islamic spiritual traditions other at specifically designated places, are a severely punishable offense.

We need to see it just as China and other nations recognize it: that such elements operating on their soil are a threat to the stability of the country by causing communal divisiveness and fueling the flames of disenfranchisement.

4. Africa’s Witch Children

This is illustrative of the dangers of superimposing an external belief system on the native belief systems: it not only creates schisms within society between Christian believers and non-believers (who get branded as heretics, witches, etc), but accentuates the superstitions in the native belief system, because it introduces a powerful theme: that of organized religion which can mobilize people in large scale (by feeding into religious frenzy and fanaticism) to commit atrocities against one another on a scale not seen before. The video shows the impact of Pentecostals in Africa. Other denominations have produced similar and far greater (genocidal) impact in other parts of Africa.

For example, the Rwandan Genocide was a direct result of Christian missionaries (pre-genocide: Catholics – 62.6% and Protestants – 18.8%) who succeeded in creating schisms between otherwise peacefully co-existing Hutus and Tutsis (by creating artificial race based theories, exploiting fault-lines between the two ethnic groups). This is an example of weaponizing the religion, in the name of aggressive missionary agenda. In this particular case, post-genocide, there was a huge shift from Catholicism to Protestantism, with the genocide leaving between 500,000 – 1,000,000 dead.

In each country, Christianity is disguised under that culture’s local tradition. For example, in Christian churches in Punjab priests wear turbans and some have beards, in order to integrate more with the Sikh culture, making it easier to convert them over.

5. Conversion in India

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Believe what you want, but don’t religionize it!

As I mentioned my main article on Religion, religion is an artifact of the West. All across the world many faiths and spiritual traditions co-existed peacefully with great synergy and pluralism, until the advent of Christianity and Islam. In fact most of the wars involving destruction of native cultures has been due to Christians/Muslims brainwashing the people of the native culture with lies (only after they create divisiveness in the native culture, only then they can come and “save them”).

Fortunately, thank goodness Christianity is on its way out in developed nations across North America and Western Europe, and will decline elsewhere also as those countries become more developed (meaning more educated in critical thinking). Many churches have become bankrupt and shutdown all across the USA due to church attendance being at all time low. It is no small coincidence that in developed countries yoga is become the path to spiritual expression – 30 million people in the USA alone practice yoga — and that happened all by itself (i.e. without any Hindu missionaries trying to convert people into the path of yoga).

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