Animal Fur/Skin

Well after spending two hours yesterday evening shopping for a winter jacket, I thought I had found the right one – a Dockers 100% wool jacket. I happily bought it. Then it occurred to me, what exactly happens to the sheep when the wool is extracted? is it as simple as giving them a haircut? Are they happy sheep? What I learned was just shocking, unbelievable torture. I returned the wool jacket, and got myself a jacket with no animal skin/fur (no wool, down, leather, fur).

Why do you need to see this video? so that you can pass it on to your friends, and have them pass it on to their friends…. only when people stop buying, the clothing industry will switch to alternatives. There are great alternative insulating and feel-good fabrics like: Thermolite, Thinsulate, Polartec, Micro-Fibre, Micro-Suede, etc. which are lighter, cheaper, and have higher heat insulation than wool or fur (the later is more of “fashion” than having practical value).

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