Kidney Recovery


Disclaimer: I am not a trained medical professional. I am not a medical doctor. The therapy described in this article is to be used at your own risk. Always make the transition to any alternate/supplemental therapy gradually. Always monitor your health signs diligently through your doctor whenever doing any alternative therapy, and stop if there is any pain or discomfort. I am not responsible for any adverse reactions or side effects.


Earlier this year, my dad had went into chronic end stage renal failure and was in critical condition, with the kidney functioning at less than 5% capacity (his urine output was less than 50ml per day – i.e. less than a quarter cup). In addition, every renal surgeon telling him that there is no possibility of the kidney recovering. He had to do peritoneal dialysis 3 times a day, for 3 months.

After a lot of persuasion I got him on an Ayurvedic regiment. Within 2 weeks the kidney for the first time showed signs of improvement — urine output went from 50ml to 100ml. By end of 2 months his urine output reached to 80% normal: 650-700ml, and levels of creatine and BUN much closer to normal. Now he is back to normal, without dialysis and very healthy and lively, contrast to how weak, emaciated, and distressed he was before.

For anyone suffering from kidney disease I very much recommended trying out the therapy outlined here. It is all a matter dedicated effort, patience, and confidence. For all those suffering from kidney ailment: it can be reversed (even critical stage kidney failure which doctors pronounce as hopeless!).


In May this year my dad was rushed to the hospital on account of complete kidney failure. Both kidneys had shutdown. The condition was described as “end stage kidney failure”, the worst possible stage a kidney can go into. The doctors said in the history of patients they’ve had, once a kidney goes into this stage they haven’t seen it recover. Prior to this my dad was very healthy and fit, and never had any kidney related problem.

So how did this happen, and why so suddenly without warning? Later it was found that there actually were some very significant warning signs. Two months before the failure, the creatine level was way out of range. But our family doctor had dismissed it as nothing (even when my dad pointed it out to him twice). Given the faith that people tend to have in doctors, my dad took that answer as gospel. Then one night he collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital and put on emergency hemodialysis. His whole body had gone into a critical stage due to complete shutdown of the kidneys.

But why was the creatine level out of range in the first place? I found my answer a couple of months later. By chance I saw a program on PBS (Public Broadcasting System is non-profit organization in the USA with very informative programs that is relatively free from commercial influence). The program was about an investigation into the USA’s FDA (Food and Drug Administration) on how it had approved a group of cholesterol drugs (statin drugs) that were known to cause catastrophic kidney failure. The investigation revealed a whole network of giant pharmaceutical companies that had its hands inside that government agency.

Getting to the point… these same statin drugs were exactly what my dad was taking prior to the sudden kidney collapse. Yet, it continues to be prescribed by doctors for controlling cholesterol (and all the more casually prescribed in countries like India where there is very little regulation).

May 8, 2006

As stated, my dad was rushed to emergency care in critical condition several times in the first two weeks of the failure, put on hemodialysis almost continuously. Then, in the following months he was on peritoneal dialysis (PD) for about 3-4 times a day, every day. What was worse, is that PD was having a toll on his body. Apart from the highly restrictive diet, the PD removes a lot of nutrients from the body. Not to mention kidney is responsible for other things like producing one of the key components for generating red blood cells and controlling blood pressure.

He had lost several pounds due to breakdown of muscles, became very weak and emaciated. His skin had also turned dark and patchy. On top of that the doctors gave him a notice of saying he has only a few months to live and asked that he inform his kith and kin and make preparations (it’s really unnerving when doctors give death notices to patients). All this along with loads of chemicals he was on, caused depression also to set in.

Meanwhile I wasn’t ready to give up so easily. I strongly believe in the body’s tremendous and remarkable capacity to heal itself, even from the most critical conditions. I was scouring the web, day and night, reading, cross referencing several Ayurvedic books and articles, eventually putting together a healing regiment. What made it so difficult was the amount of junk information out there and that it took time differentiating what is genuine.

I tried convincing my dad over phone, to follow Ayurvedic healing. But he being a trained scientist in modern medicine wasn’t too excited about it. He had an almost religious faith in modern medicine, despite the fact that modern medicine was increasingly earning a reputation for causing more damage than curing them.

After six weeks of trying unsuccessfully to convince him to take the Ayurvedic approach, I rolled up my sleeves and took a short two week trip to India.

July 19, 2006

Starting the day I landed (Tamil Nadu, India, July 19th, 2006) I got him on a regiment of couple of things: ranging from ginger compress, reiki, meditation, morning walks, turmeric, omam/ajwain water, tamarind juice, foot massage at kidney meridian, strict changes in diet to control excess salt, potassium, phosphorous. This started right on day 1. On the 4th day, his urine output for the first time had doubled, from 50ml to 100ml. By the time I left (i.e. two weeks) it had reached 120ml. From that point on it steadily improved, and in less than two months from July 19th, it reached an average of 650-700ml.

The doctors, instead of being astonished, were so skeptical that even after a blood/urine test showed remarkable improvement, they said the test might be messed up! and asked him to get another blood/urine test! In fact, they’ll just label this as a case of “spontaneous remission” — a fancy escapist term used by modern science; so as to easily avoid acknowledging the possibility that they could have been wrong about it being incurable, and that other means of curing it (outside of modern science) could possibly exist (for fear of being sued, losing their license, losing profitability, etc).

Early 2007

  1. Now at least eight months later, my dad’s urine output averages around 1000ml (close to the normal adult output of 1200ml per day).
  2. His creatine has very much improved though a bit more to go to get to normal level.
  3. He does dialysis just once day (as opposed to 3-4 times a day).
  4. He was even able to do dialysis once every alternate day (he tried this for a whole month) with no problem. But we learned it is not advisable to do alternate days – it can cause the dialysis tubing inside to dry up, shrink, and possibly get clogged – so we resumed daily once a day instead of alternate days.
  5. So how to test whether the kidney is ready to be back on its own fully? as we have the restriction that we cannot reduce dialysis to less than once per day. Instead of reducing the frequency of dialysis, we decided that he’ll slowly resume foods from the category that kidney patients are strictly forbidden to eat. After each of these trials, at end of month, we do blood work – to make sure everything is within limits. So far the kidney is handling it very well.
  6. Eventually, after he resumes normal diet (except for salt — which should be avoided anyway), once we are satisfied with the blood test results that the kidney is able to handle it, we hope to remove dialysis all together.

November 18, 2008

After consulting with our doctor, we decided to stop dialysis for one month to see if the kidney can function on its own, so that if so we can plan on earmarking a date to have the dialysis implant removed completely. We stopped dialysis today – November 18, 2008.

February 28, 2009

Two months have gone by since we stopped dialysis. Lab tests have shown all things as being stable. We concluded that the kidney is functioning well on its own and that the dialysis implant (peritoneal sac implant and tubing) can now be removed.

On February 28, 2009 we had the surgery done to have the dialysis completely removed. Now the kidney is working on its own, free from dialysis.

FYI, removing the dialysis was a fairly common procedure. Takes about 1/2 to 2 hrs surgery depending upon the amount of fibrin that has grown into and around the implant that is being removed. For my dad it took about 1.5 hours, and was done under local anesthesia (administered via spinal).

September 1, 2009

It has been six full months since we removed dialysis on February 28, 2009. Kidney is fine, and he’s in very good health.

May 17, 2013

It is now 4 years since my dad stopped dialysis (and 7 years since the kidney failure)… and he is doing great, in good health, taking regular food (but eating in moderation like we all should be doing! no excess salt, sugar, or greasy foods, etc).

Thank you all for your inquiries and may this kidney therapy work out well for you also!

April 15, 2015

Appa passed away on April 15, 2015.

After 8.5 years of surviving renal failure with full kidney recovery, and living a healthy radiant life, free from dialysis… appa was tragically prescribed the same class of drug that caused kidney failure in 2006, resulting in kidney failure again in early 2015, this time with added complication: gangrene.

Appa died due to the fatal side effect of a cholesterol control statin drug (the same class of drug that caused renal failure in 2006 (which he had completely recovered from)) resulting in renal failure again, and medical negligence of the doctors not diagnosing gangrene that had formed in two of his toes, despite appa (and others around him) repeatedly pleading to the doctor to first address the severe toe pain (gangrene is a deadly disease that can kill you within a matter of a few days if not treated early). For more details, please refer to link to separate article at the end of this post. Please read A Tribute to Dad and details in Cause of Death.

The Kidney Therapy

First, don’t buy too much into any negative prognosis from doctors. You will rarely hear a doctor tell you that the kidney will recover (due to the risk of getting sued if it doesn’t). The kidney is one of the organs that has very good potential for recovery. I am very confident that if the below regiments are followed the kidney can recover.

It is very important that you read this article on Ayurveda first before proceeding with the therapy. This so that you understand what you are doing, and follow the therapy methodically and with discipline, and not expect “miracle cures” (i.e. cure without any effort on your part). You need to put in effort. Also, while the kidney will likely respond almost immediately to the therapy, don’t expect the kidney to get back to 90% normal overnight. Be patient. It takes time. Also, don’t mistake “patience” with “patience with no effort”. You need to be diligent.

Important Note:

  1. Do not suddenly stop any current treatments (like dialysis or medicine). Gradually reduce as you see improvement (in urine output and creatinine levels).
  2. Check with doctor to see if there is signs of any other illness in the body apart from the kidney problem.
  3. Check for side-effects of any current medication. If the side-effect says potential harm to kidney, then gradually reduce that medicine, and substitute it with natural/alternative medicine. Don’t suddenly stop the medicine nor stop the medicine without any alternatives in place.
  4. The therapy should not have side-effects, as it avails to only natural means (no potions or kashayams), but I cannot guarantee that. All I can say is that there were no visible side-effects for my dad, and quite likely it will have a lot less side-effects than the dialysis and allopathic drugs. My recommendation is to proceed with confidence and patience, but at the same time exercise caution and monitor diligently through regular doctor checkups.

Ginger Compress

According to Ayurveda [ref. Ayurveda Secrets of Healing – Maya Tiwari], ginger compress is specifically mentioned for kidney ailments. To prepare ginger compress concoction, take a handful* of grated ginger, wrap it in thin cotton cloth**, tie it into a bundle. Squeeze the ginger juice from it into a pot of one gallon (about 4 liters) of boiling water (try to use a steel pot; avoid non-stick, aluminium, etc), then drop the bundle into the pot. Let it simmer, covered, for about 30 minutes. Remove the pot from heat and let it sit for 5 minutes before uncovering.

To apply, dip a towel into the pot, squeeze excess water into the pot. Make sure to cover the pot so that it doesn’t lose heat. Apply the towel on lower back, over the kidney, until the towel looses warmth. Re-soak towel and re-apply until ginger water in pot cools down and looses its warmth. You can apply warm sesame oil over area after your final compress.

*handful of ginger –  in Ayurveda the unit of measurement is your hand. The original texts deal with human measures, like a handful, a pinch, a hand-length. This type of measure is very proportional to your body. For example: 2 handfuls of uncooked rice is the recommended amount for a meal. How many cups is that? it can vary greatly based on your age, gender, body size. I remember my grandparents always use the measure of “a handful”. Such is the tradition still in rural India. Try it. There is also something very organic about scooping out raw rice (or any grain for that matter) with your hand (and the tactile feedback it gives the nerves on your hand). Deprogram yourself of trying to be “exact”.

**cotton cloth – make sure not to use a new cotton cloth. Preferably use a washed/clean old cotton cloth. Whether the cotton cloth is white or colored, it contains factory chemicals, bleach, dyes, etc.

Make sure the towel is hot enough, just bearable, but enough not to scorch the skin. Note, the purpose of the heat is so that the pores in the skin open up and the active ingredients from the ginger are readily absorbed into the body.

How often? The ginger compress should be done every day, 3-4 times a day, like right before each meal, and once before sleeping. To be most effective, make sure you don’t do right after food (do before food or at least two hours after food). This may seem like a lot of effort, but nothing is free, there is no quick pill to heal your kidney (if there is, it will likely damage something else). Start doing it, very soon it will become methodical, and you won’t know the time passing. When doing the compress, for it to be even more effective, combine with meditation, healing touch, and reiki, described below.

Video demonstration of ginger compress by my dad:


It is important to meditate on the kidney. Any form of meditation will do. Whatever inspires you. You can imagine your God sending healing energy, or a sunrise bathing the kidney, or simply imagine/visualize the cells in the kidney regenerating, or listen to bhajans (devotional songs), or Indian instrumental music bathing the kidney. This is very important. Imagine if you instead did the opposite – watching TV, engaging yourself in work, chatting,… Then you’re basically telling the brain that you don’t care about the kidney. Essentially you’re giving the kidney the signal that it is ok to shutdown. Even just a little bit of loving attention from your heart and mind towards your kidney will go a long way to mobilize the brain and other body mechanisms to repair and regenerate it. Start by imagining how tirelessly it has been working all these years. Imagine a servant works tirelessly, day in and day out, year after year, without complaint, taking every workload (and even abuse! like your kidney has been), and then one day he falls sick, what do you do? do you ignore him? let him die? or impatiently expect him to immediately get better? If you’re a good person, you’d give him a break, as long as he needs. It is amazing how we take more care of our cars but don’t do the same for our internal body parts. Look at meditation as a way of giving your kidney (and all organs) a nice long break, for it takes time to recover — don’t rush it.

How often? For a person with kidney ailment, meditation should be done as much as possible, at least 3-4 times a day. You may wish to combine it with the ginger compress routine. It will make the ginger compress more effective. Apart from explicit meditation, the mind should kept in peace by having only beautiful positive thoughts (of nature, bhakti, love, share your life with your loved ones, etc). Restrict TV, mental chatter, negative thoughts, etc.

Healing Touch

Healing touch is the single important part of healing — don’t underestimate it. In fact, hospitals should make it mandatory as part of the registration process, that you must bring at least one close relation of the patient who can touch the patient, talk with the patient continuously. Just like a child recovers much faster when a parent keeps his/her hand on the child (skin contact), so do adults.

The simplest healing touch is to simply be there with the patient. Even happy company, laughter, etc are part of healing. People who have fear, anxiety, anguish, in their minds should not be in the company of the patient. Fear and anxiety is contagious and they are going to make conditions worse. It is important that those visiting the patient have a very positive outlook. That is, they have to be convinced of it themselves, in such a way that they exhibit and radiate love and positive exuberance. The aim is to give the patient strength, remove any sense of fear or uncertainty, in short, anything that can make them smile. It has been scientifically shown that smiling and laughing generates powerful healing hormones called endorphins (popularly known as the “happy hormones”).

Having loved ones near a patient in an ICU (as opposed to being isolated in cold grim environment) tremendously (perhaps even doubles or triples) the chance of his recovery. Even more so if the patient has slipped into an unconscious state, it is mandatory that a loved one is with him as much as possible, else he will slip further in the other direction (of leaving the body). Your voice / presence guides, encourages, motivates, pulls him back to regaining consciousness.


I encourage you to even try more explicit healing touch, like Reiki. You don’t have to be a Reiki expert. I myself am not Reiki trained, and this is my first time in doing this. This is not to downplay training and experience, but to emphasize that it is a natural potential built into everyone that can be easily nurtured. The simplest way is to place the palms of your hands on the affected area, and just simply let the universal energy flow through your hands into the affected area. Just imagine love and affection flowing from your hands to the affected area. Reiki can even be done remotely, through visualization of the person and the affected area.

How often? Reiki or healing touch should be done as much as possible, at least 3-4 times a day. You wish to combine this also with ginger massage. Give the reiki / healing touch while you do the ginger message, and in meantime patient can be doing simple meditation or pranayama as described earlier.


Stress is very highly overlooked factor that directly impacts your kidney. It can even work against the successful progress of this therapy.

So it is very important to remove as much as possible from anything that is causing mental stress. In case of work related stress (especially related to working overtime, odd hours, politics, managerial, interpersonal relationships, etc), I would go to the extent of even taking a few months leave from your work (or even resigning). You might think that is impossible… but when the disease progresses and impacts the body more severely, you will be forced to take leave and end up several months in ICU. Why wait for the disease to go to the level to force you take a leave? By then, it would have gone to such an extent, that recovery would be far more difficult than had you taken a leave earlier. That is, either way you’re going to have to take long term leave from your work. So, why not do it now?

Ask yourself, is your work that much more important than your life? Even if you have to quit your job in order to take few months leave, do you not think you can get another job later (or find something else do), especially when your mind and body becomes so much more young and youthful after it has completely recovered during those few months of taking leave and giving it your love and attention?

Note: when you take leave from your work, do not stay in an home environment that can also cause stress (friction between relatives, family feuds, etc). Plan it out: turn your home / area into a healing center. Make it clear that you will not be accepting any one in person nor phone calls during that period. Use that period to connect with yourself and nature (even as simple as taking early morning and evening walks, gardening, etc).

Foot Massage

The are over 7,000 nerve endings at the base of each feet. The ancients had mapped these in fine detail (that is 5,000 years ago – more than modern science with all its technological innovations could possibly identify). Acupuncture and acupressure, once considered a superstition or pseudo-science, is increasingly being used by modern medicine.

According to Ayurveda, “the fourth toe is the location of the kidney meridian, and massaging it helps to increase the flow of vital energy to the kidneys”.

Sit in a quiet place, be calm, relax you breath, visualize the kidney meridian, and massage the fourth toe (the one next to your smallest toe).

How often? You may wish to do it right after each ginger therapy.


One of the most important aspects towards recovering from kidney disease is in restricting your diet. You need to be very vigilant about the nutrients you feed the kidney. Even a small lapse in the diet can cause more than just two steps backward.


Ajwain (अजवायन, ஓமம்). According to Ayurveda, it is beneficial to kidney function. If you are suffering from kidney ailment, you might want to make it a habit to add a little bit of ajwain to your food and fluid intake.


Curcumin, one of the active components in turmeric (traditionally used by Ayurvedic cooking, and an important part of all Indian curries) has been shown by modern medicine to prevent kidney damage and restore kidney function.

A study investigated the effect of curcumin on artificially induced kidney disease in rats. Results indicated that treatment with curcumin prevented the kidney injury and restored kidney function. Treatment with curcumin significantly protected against proteinuria, albuminuria, hypoalbuminaemia and hyperlipidaemia. Curcumin inhibited the increase in urinary excretion of N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminidase (a marker of kidney tubular injury), fibronectin and glycosaminoglycan and blood cholesterol. The data also demonstrated that curcumin protected against kidney injury by suppressing free radicals and increasing kidney glutathione content and glutathione peroxidase activity (endogenous antioxidants). Curcumin also eliminated kidney microsomal and mitochondrial lipid peroxidation. The data suggest that administration of curcumin is a promising approach in the treatment of kidney disease.

BRITISH JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, 2000, Vol 129, Iss 2, pp 231-234


The first thing you will need to do is cut your sodium intake. Cutting down on salt (sodium chloride) is probably the easiest thing to do (compared with cutting down on potassium and phosphorous). Can you survive without salt?

  • The body can survive without salt. For over 5 million years of our human evolution we’ve been surviving without salt. Salt came into use only in the last 2000 years when it was used initially as a preservative to pickle things. Introducing additional salt causes your organs to work harder to remove that excess salt, significantly reducing their life span.
  • If you really crave for salt, use genuine rock salt (do not use table salt) and limit the intake to less than 500mg per day.
  • If your kidney is critically ill, then you should completely eliminate salt. With the exception, if you are undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD) you may need to take about 250mg of salt (rock salt), as PD drains salt from your body.
  • Note that excess salt causes one to lose calcium which can lead to bone weakness and bone disease.

Potassium and Phosphorous

It is important to restrict your diet to low potassium (below 200mg per serving) and low phosphorous (below 100mg per serving) foods. Too much or too low potassium can result in irregular heart beat and heart failure. Too much phosphorus stimulates the parathyroid gland which will deplete calcium from your bones (which will weaken the bones and cause painful joints). It can also result in calcium deposits in muscles, organs, and blood which can be dangerous.

Acceptable Foods

  • Vegetables: garlic, onions, carrots, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, lettuce, summer squash, sweet peppers, bell peppers, cabbages, cauliflower.
  • Fruits: apples, berries, grapes, lemon, peaches, pineapple, plums, watermelon.
  • Juices (limited): apple, cranberry, grape.
  • Dairy substitutes: rice milk, ragi
  • Misc: instead of salt, use lemon, pepper, or low sodium herbs and spices.
  • Oils (in moderation): sesame, coconut, olive.

Foods to Avoid

  • Vegetables: tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, dried beans (lentils, peas).
  • Fruits: bananas, dried fruits, mangoes, papaya, honeydew, cantaloupe, oranges, kiwi.
  • Juices: orange, prune, vegetable juice, soft drinks.
  • Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese (all dairy products are a concentrated source of phosphorous).
  • Misc: table salt and salt substitutes, chocolate, pickles, protein supplements, biscuits, snacks that contain salt (chips, pretzels).
  • Oils: (these oils are very harmful even in very small quantities) partially hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated oils, vegetable shortening.
  • Nuts and seeds: avoid all seeds and nuts. They are extremely high in phosphorous and potassium. For example cashews, peanuts, walnuts, almonds – whether raw or roasted have each 100g has more than 600mg of potassium and 500mg of phosphorous (that’s about double the amount of phosphorous in same quantity of yogurt).
  • Medicine: cut down as much as possible on pills like painkillers and antacids.

Important Notes:

  • Leach high potassium vegetables to reduce the potassium: cut the vegetable into small pieces and place in a very large pot of water and let it soak for at least 4 hours at room temperature or overnight in a refrigerator.
  • High potassium vegetables should be eaten in very limited quantity. Limit the serving size so that you keep the potassium under 200mg per serving.
  • Vegetables should be cooked. For example, raw cabbage is 246mg of potassium uncooked, and cooked it is 97mg.


If you are undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD), it is important to note that protein is lost during PD, so one needs to eat sufficient protein.

Note that when the kidney is not functioning, excessive protein is dangerous, as the kidney leaks protein albumin into the blood, which causes increase in blood urea nitrogen (BUN). Symptoms are neurological disturbances such as altered cognitive function, impaired taste (bad taste in mouth), swelling of legs, loss of appetite, and skin takes on gray color due to urea crystals forming on skin.

Protein deficiency can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, insulin resistance, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, low body temperature, hormonal irregularities, as well as loss of skin elasticity.

Therefore, calculate your protein intake. Your body needs typically 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 50kg you need 40g per day from quality protein sources.

Quality protein sources
  • Eat a variety of legumes (soaked overnight, sprouted). Of the legumes, whole mung dhal (with skin, soaked overnight) is the best (it is known as the queen of all dhals in Ayurveda).
  • According to ayurveda, almonds soaked overnight is one of the highest quality of protein found among vegetables. Soak it in a large vessel (for example, 8 almonds in 1 litre of water), so that the potassium is leached.

Important Notes:

  • Remember to soak your nuts (and beans like mung). Soaking removes enzyme inhibitors (phytic acid / phytates) which prevent many of the nutrients from being absorbed by the body. For example, soaked almonds increase bio-availability of proteins in it by 30%. The extensive changes in chemistry are very visible: unsoaked almonds, mung, peanuts are oily. When they are soaked, they are milky and sweetish.
    Also, unsoaked almonds are are very high in potassium and phosphorous (like all nuts and seeds). This I have not verified, but I believe that in soaked almonds potassium is greatly reduced.


The kidney plays an important role in regulating blood pressure by controlling the amount of water.

  • Taking excess water can cause high blood pressure (and stress the heart).
  • Too little water can affect kidney function and recovery. It can also result in low blood pressure and can cause one to become unconscious.
  • So when the kidney is not fully functional, it is important to manually regulate your water intake. Do not have more than 1.4L of fluid per day. Be aware that some fruits have a lot of water and contribute to your water limit.
  • After the kidney is fully functioning one can do water therapy to keep it in good health.

Discipline, Attention, & Love

The key to recovery is discipline. Follow the above with the strictest discipline, else a more serious condition may manifest (such as the liver failure, bone disease, loss of cognition, stroke, loss of vision, etc.). For example if you are negligent on avoiding phosphorous, you may recover from your kidney disease only to find out you have severely debilitating bone disease. The kidney is one of the organs that can easily regenerate even if its condition is terminal. Any failure for it to recover, is a failure or lack of effort on your part; not the kidney. Therefore, set your goals, and treat it as a challenge.

Give your kidney your focus, love, and attention (just like you would to help a sick person heal). Address all 5-elements (of Panch Bhoota), and it will recover. Don’t ignore love. Most people do. You have to cultivate a focus, turning the mind inward, and bathing your kidney with love. It is a powerful feedback to the brain. Just a like a human being can tremendously recover when given the love, so do your internal organs.

After Recovery

The above regiment and precautions are for people with kidney ailment. Once your kidney is healed, you should cautiously increase your intake of the above restricted food items, because these are also important nutrients, and are needed for proper maintenance and functioning of your body, to restore you to full health. For example potassium is used to regulate your BP (it helps reduce BP, i.e. the opposite effect of sodium). There is no substitute for these micro-nutrients. Deprive your body from them long enough, and it may cause some other ailment.

Learn from the lesson and respect your body and its organs. Eat a good variety of healthy foods (with restricted food items in moderation). If your kidney failure was caused by bad food habits, learn to eat your meals in moderation (don’t abuse your body by just shoving food down into your stomach). As to anything in life, moderation is the key to healthy living. If your kidney failure was caused by side effects of medical prescriptions, never take the risk of taking those drugs in the future no matter how “new and improved” the doctor tells you the drug is. Find some alternative, via ayurveda or yoga.

“Not working for me”/ “How long for results?”

If you have any questions / comments please leave them below. Having said that, I’ve exhaustively covered everything I can think of in this article, and cannot think of anything to add beyond what I’ve written here. If the kidney therapy is not working for you, the only thing left that I can suggest are as listed below.

You may want to check if there are other factors that maybe slowing down or working against the therapy, for example:

  • Make sure all the components of the kidney therapy are being followed and not just one component (like not just the ginger compress). To understand the vital importance of following all components, re-read this article and also the related articles on Ayurveda and Pancha Bhoota.
  • Doshas. People with different body types (doshas) will respond differently, some more quickly, some will take longer.
  • Root Cause. Try to find any possible root causes of the kidney failure: food habits, medication, emotional stress (stress, anxiety, resentments, depression, loss/separation, other emotional baggage), etc.
  • Medication. Check the warning label of the medications you are taking. I’d recommend finding its generic chemical name (should be able to get it from wikipedia), and add to the search keywords “renal” or “kidney”. For example, many cholesterol control statin drugs are known to cause acute renal failure.
  • Environment. Check the history of renal problems in any other family members, relatives, and even neighbors that you are aware of? Which may indicate toxins in the environment (like in water supply or in food).
  • Trauma. Any sort of trauma in your life (something that has caused severe emotional stress). Sometimes even past-life trauma can carry over to this life. Trauma can cause a particular part of the body to “lock up”, shutdown, and become unresponsive. That part of the body can be unlocked and functioning once one learns to overcome the trauma. But this means first identifying the trauma (you might not even be aware of it). Clues might be fear or aversion towards certain things, and clues in dreams.

The body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself, if only given the means to do so. Try not to despair. The more you fear, the less determined you’ll be in doing kidney therapy. Put aside all negative thoughts, and try to do with strong determination as much as possible everything in the kidney therapy. Many people have had success with it, and I believe a big success factor is a matter of doing it with dedication, love, and sincerity (i.e. not mechanically for the sake of doing it). You will have to do it with dedication, it will be almost like doing a full time job working overtime.

Wishing you all the best in your recovery.


This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

  1. What Ayurvedic doctor/clinic did you consult? I have not consulted any doctor or clinic. The therapy here is from my own reading and research.
  2. What diet plan did you follow? No diet plan. I just simply followed the basic do’s and dont’s described under the Diet section.
  3. Can you please contact me? I just don’t have any advise to offer beyond what I’ve written here. I’ve exhaustively covered everything I can think of in this article. Please patiently re-read the post. If you have any specific questions you may post it in the comment. If you find you have not received an answer for your question, it is likely because the answer is already in the article or what you’re asking is too clinical in nature (for example, I don’t have the expertise to give advise based on your vital signs, creatine, BUN, etc).

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I have been told that this kidney therapy has worked for many. Folks have even come from afar to meet my dad in person in our home town to profusely thank him for helping their kidneys recover. I’m told some expressed themselves with tears of joy. So I am positive this is not by chance that it cured my dad, but that it is repeatable. But as stated for the various factors above the results can vary. Also, this tells nothing about statistics, i.e. the total number of people for whom this did or did not work.

It will be of great help not only to this article but researchers mining the great Internet knowledge base for cures, to get statistics of the number of people as well as the extent this therapy has worked for you.

Note: I will be creating a forum where people can post their testimonials, ask questions, start a discussions, and help each other. I encourage everyone to leave general comments below, but post to the forum for questions and help from others.


I am not a trained medical professional. I am not a medical doctor. The therapy described in this article is to be used at your own risk. Always make the transition to any alternate/supplemental therapy gradually. Always monitor your health signs diligently through your doctor whenever doing any alternative therapy, and stop if there is any pain or discomfort. I am not responsible for any adverse reactions, side effects, etc.

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This wouldn’t be complete if we don’t owe it to the Knowledge transmitted to us via great sages/yogis, without which all this would not have been possible.

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91 thoughts on “Kidney Recovery

  1. Hi Pari,
    This is fantastic. Salute your perseverance and true research!

  2. Hi,

    My father is ARF patient and this blog has raised some hope for me. Can you please provide some more specifics about the treatment and the duration of the treatment. For Ex. what amount of grated Ginger has to be used for one application, how many times in a day this has to be done, how long it took to show results, are you Reiki trained? Did you perform Reiki on your father?

    Thanks for posting this and thanks in advance for additional information. Please do let me know if you want to share anything more based on what you have experienced.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi,
    I have gone through your detail experimentation and experiences. I must congratulate you for your greatest effort for saving your father’s kidney. I feel proud of you being an Indian who have a great feeling and understanding about Aurvedic treatment . The way you approached about treatment with full knowledge of aurvedic treatment and understanding of facts clubbed with modern medicines has been eye opening for others especially for the patient of chronic kidney disease that to at last stage. I believe strongly that those who will read it will have lot of exposure of such methods of using at home. It appears that it is not costly too. It only requires dedication and commitment to proceed with full positiveness for recovery of kidney disease. The modern Doctors say it is non reversible and progressing disease.By saying itself a patient become nervous inspite doing medication.
    I am too suffering from such disease and my serum creatinine is 3.3 mg/100ml while blood urea level is 95mg/100ml. Iam pursing my treatment from AIIMS, New Delhi but going very very slow . It is almost stable state of condition. I am sure you have thrown us a ray of hopes to come out from such a dreaded disease. In this connection I wold like to talk to you if I get your email ID and phone no.may be we may chat some time and get your advise. God bless you. How many of us these days try to solve the problems of their parents. You have done such work and I do not have worlds to describe it.
    With best wishes,

  4. sir, it is very much useful to me since i am treating my son with peritoneal dialysis. i panned to meet u and your father. my son is only nine years old.

  5. Sir

    Your dad must be blessed to have a son like you … one should be suffering from any disease ……life means nothing without health …….Good to know that your dad is healed …

    best wishes …

  6. hello sir i need help sir …… my father urea patient body fully larged..1time diyalised body normally but after 1weak body larged inform dr. said take morning 2tablete afternoon 1 tab frusimide tablete it’s taked my father normally contion ….. after 1month stoped urine 1days minimum 240ml passed what i do pls say… i follow ur idea or any other idea…?

  7. It’s long time you update your blog…
    How is your father now?

  8. Kindly provide latest updates to recovery kidney

  9. Pari, thanks for your enlightening narrative on your father, great to read and inspire others. I am following the same route but would like to know where you got your herbs from? I have just purchased from planet Ayurveda under the guidance of the Dr Vikram Chauhan who is Dr and owner of website. Is this website well known and products good? Where do you recommend to get the pure Ayurvedic medicine? Did your father continue to use allopathic medicine alongside ayurvedic?
    Grateful if you could reply back to me with answers!

  10. @vinith
    @Mandeep Singh

    Thank you for your inquiry. Here’s the update. Coming close to 4 years now since my dad stopped dialysis… and he is doing great: in good health and taking regular food (but eating in moderation like we all should be doing! no excess salt, excess sugar, greasy foods, etc).

    – Pari

  11. @Nadeem

    As listed in article, no special herbs other than what’s found in the grocery store. Not familiar with Dr. Vikram, so I can’t comment. Regarding your questions on where to get “pure” ayurvedic medicine, well the purest is in your kitchen (spice rack) or local market (fresh herbs). Medicine has its place in Ayurveda, but it is too over-emphasized and represents only a small component of the healing process (see Ayurveda and Pancha Bhoota).

  12. Pari,

    How are you? I am your Dad’s student from MKU and know Mani very well. I really have to congratulate you on the fabulous article and I am sure, many people will benefit immensely from it. The link at the bottom here, Kidney Ailment (Tamil), is not working. My cousin sister in Madurai will benefit from going through the Tamil version. Can you kindly help pls? Shall be grateful. I wrote to you long back and did not get a response. Can you share your active email id pls? Thank you and hats off to you for the good thought of rendering a helping hand to humanity. God bless.


  13. Thank you for this dear sir, God bless you.

  14. thanks verrrry much god bless

  15. my mother is a ckd patient and diabetic too does these home remedies could be given to her,kindly reply
    ginger compress can be given daily to her.

  16. Hi Pari,
    My mother is also suffering from CKD stage 5. Undergoing dialysis for the last 8 months. I was in search of alternative and found this finally. I have a great hope on this . I am in US now and planning to fly India to kick off this treatment for my mom.

    My heartfelt thanks and really appreciate your help. I will keep posting the progress. If I might need your help/guidance on this, will contact you.

    Thanks again…

  17. My mother has ckd and diabetes. Age is 70
    Ginger compress can be done in summers
    she is afraid of doing anything new which might harm more d kidneys

  18. Hi Pari, can you please share more details about this treatment and where to go about it. My father is 69yrs old and is a diabetic. He was admitted in the hospital in April 2014 and was advised to go on to dialysis but since my father is clinically alright, like he eats food and passes motions daily, he does not want to go with what doctors have to say. His creatinine is on a higher side varies from 7-12. Kindly respond to my email asap because lately he is getting extremely tired, moves about only 50 steps a day. Please send more information.

  19. OK, finally my message is successfully uploaded. Pari, my father is 69yrs old and was hospitalized in April 2014 in St. John’s Bangalore because of high creatinine levels – 7 to 12. Doctors said he needs to go on dialysis but since my father is clinically alright with food digestion and motions, he does not wish to move to dialysis because it makes the body dialysis addict. But lately he is getting very tired and hardlly moves about. He suffered with diabetes and high bp before hospitalization but post that both are under control infact, the sugar level goes lower at times. Should we stop insulin? Kindly send the most suitable treatment method for my father, will be much grateful to you. Or is there any website or geographic location I need to visit for more information.

  20. self is has started ginger compress but self don’t know about foot massage. no video is for that if yes kindly send me.



  21. @Dr.S.N.Rai
    Hi, First of all, thank you for bringing this Remedy to all. Many people suffering and going through this pain everyday will be benefited. My dad is undergoing Dialysis for past 1 year. His creatinine is between 7-9. We have started the Ginger therapy last week. will keep updating with the progress.
    This is indeed a new hope for all of us and new lease of life for the people suffering from CKD.

  22. Hi Pari,

    Tears are out reading your artical. This definitely helps a lot for the ones like me. Where exacly in Tamil Nadu did you take your father for the treatment? Is there any ayurvedic ashram?

    Please let me know. I am desparately waiting for your reply. Please help Pari.


  23. Appreciate your service
    I am psoriasis for more than 10 yrs . Suspect kidney trouble
    I take lot of water as i thirst . is it ok ?

  24. Sir
    We just went through your ginger therapy on you tube.Our son aged 26 is suffering from CKD for several years and is on homeopathic treatment.His level of creatinine now is 2.52 and BUN is 18.Everytime we are afraid that levels may shoot up.He is on low salt diet for the past eight months.We would love to see his creatinine level to 1.He doesnot have edema or blood pressure.He doesnot take bp medication.When he was young he had a reflux and that was corrected by an operation.Please guide us how to bring down his creatinine.His uric acid level is also 10.

  25. Dear Sir
    My mother is suffering from end stage kidney failure. Her creatinine is between 7-8. Not started dialysis yet. Her urine output is normal. We have started the ginger compress. Please tell can it be done twice a day and what time is most suitable for it. Please reply as we are doing this for last three months. Her hb is 7.

  26. Sir,please can you give me phone number of the writer pari as my father is suffering with kidney I am impressed with the way she treated her father.

  27. @Dr. Ritu Bakshi
    r u applying this therapy..hav u got any positive result..please tell certinine leveal is 10..what i hav to do please suggest.

  28. Hai.
    My father is a kidney failure patient and he is on dialysis since 8 Months. He is diabetic also. And we are doing this tharapy about 5months but their is no significant changes are observed. His urine output is very low. I dont know if the way we doing this therapy is currect or not . He dont wants to go for dialysis. So can u please send me how to do this effectively and how often in a day. His creatine is 11 . PLEASE send me a reply through mail or message me. If anyone else can help me then they are also welcome
    mobile 9539145110

  29. Hi dear ,
    I am suffering from kidney disease and my creatine level us 3.3.
    Plz suggest me how to treat my self.
    God will bless u dear.

  30. hi,
    my mom 50 years old and currently suffering from CKD with high bp . her creatine level is between 7. doctors suggest for dialysis. But my mom is refusing to go for it and i also don’t want dialysis since her body produces enough urine and she still is able to eat. After reading your blog my hopes have returned once again that my mom can be heal without dialysis.

    please provide me contact details, phone no of the ayurveda center in Tamil Nadu where u took your dad for treatment, also your contact no. so that I can consult u too as soon as possible. I urgently need this treatment for my mom. Thanks

  31. My husband is suffering from
    Kidney disease. Other than ginger therapy
    What shall I do.

  32. Hi Pari, I’m so sorry that your father has passed away due to medical negligence. That is really sad, and your blog about your father’s life was amazing. I can see why you worked so hard to keep him alive, he seems like he was a wonderful man.

    For anyone who wants more information about the ginger massage therapy, you can see the video here: and for more information you can email: as he has replied to my email for more information.

    Thanks for sharing this information Pari, as there are other ways of healing the kidney on the internet but they are extremely expensive. The insights you share are more affordable and doable.

  33. Hello sir, thank you very much for the article. we are giving ginger massage for the past two months still the creatinine level is 6. Doing dialysis twice in a week. Kindly give your suggestion how to proceed further and when to stop the dialysis.

  34. Dear Mr.Pari

    I came to know that Mr.Shanmugam, appa has passed away when I called your home in the last july 2015. I am very shocked to hear this and I read your write-up about appa. I am very much surprised to read his awards, his experiments, his wishes and mainly ignoring green card to serve our nation… I am just with tears.

    After seeing ginger therapy video, I have used for my wife for 1-1/2 years with out dialsysis. In this connection, I met your father at mylapore when he came to your cousin house lastly. It was a good meeting with him.. I have cleared my doubts. Then after that he called me that doctor advised him for dialysis … he was asking about fistula procedure used for my wife, how haemodylysis is done (after 1-1/2 yrs my wife is now under HD). Because appa was on PD in 2006. I am very sorry for the sudden death of appa due doctors negliance.

    Still I am doing this therapy for my wife. But it is not showing any improvement. I don’t know why. Can you suggest any solution / or anything we have missed out in following this therapy.

    Once again I feel sorry for what has happened.


  35. thanks for your reply sir… I will do as per your “further advice” page.. Anybody wants details about ginger therapy pl write to me 9444466139

  36. Thanks for a great post! I will be using this for my mom who has just got into reduced kidney function.
    Ajwain, tamarind and almonds are pitta aggravating so can u please elaborate how u used them? Typically, tamarind is discouraged by vaidyas -so were u using only sweet tamarind? I aks becuase my mom is pitta dominant so I am wondering how to use these items.

    Thanks once again for a comprehensive tutorial.

  37. @Vidyadhar
    After years of research we have developed a treatment technique that can cure Kidney Failure. We recommend Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine that works to treat the root cause, supports the kidney function till they have healed and can work properly and prevents associated complications. This medicine reduces urea and creatinine, reduces proteins in urine, reduces frequency of dialysis and ultimately stops it. No need of transplant ever. Even after transplant kidney failure cases show great results with this medicine. Hundreds of patients treated successfully worldwide. For more info watch our youtube channel in the name of Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal. You can contact us at, or call at +919815617567 do mention your cell no. in query, Take Care. Please also watch this video many more uploaded

  38. @Pari
    You are doing a wonderful job by telling all kidney patients to have faith in Ayurveda as it can treat Kidney failure. Hats off to you. We have also treated many patients with the same disease. do watch our you tube channel take care.

  39. Hi pari….
    My mom now 58 yrs old also had first kidney mal function in 2008… she took dialysis in chennai for couple of times and later she lost so much weight and also started looking pale and very weak… she was determined to quit dialysis even when we had no other options… we wanted to respect her decision so we took her off dialysis.. from a friend we heard about cell therapy where they give capsules made of herbs ( that’s what they say !) after 2 days of tablets my mom started to urinate well… after a yr of eating those medicine her creatine was stable at 2 till June 2015… in June suddenly her sugar level increased to 400 and she was rushed to kmch in cbe… they diagnosed and said it’s urinary tract infection… they asked us to keep stent ( do not know how it’s pronounced) we were sure not to do any thing to her body… so we refused and stayed in hospital for a week… took only antibiotics for couple of days then we stared to reduce that too… her creatine came back to 3.2 from 5…. doc said she can go home and continue a set of tablets which they gave… per day she took 10 tablets… she was feeling good and very active… slowly again now in Dec 2nd onwards we started to see her health come down… she became tired and very weak… her creatine again started to increase… so we stopped the tablets now… her creatinine increased to 4 today Dec 29th… urea 80… her BP sugar potassium sodium all other test r normal but eosinophil count is 10% …. she has very very heavy cough… we took her to hospital where they just asked us to take blood test and scan report do all test but they r not even listening to her heavy cough problem… now she is refusing to goto any hospital and strictly saying no to English medicine… can u pls guide us to any ayurvedic therapy for her heavy cough now… we are gonna start her cell therapy medicine from tomo and also ginger treatment as mentioned in this blog…. am really concerned about her heavy cough… pls help… she is very very weak but able to eat ok and drink liquids good… no swelling on her body… urine output is normal… pls help

    1. Hi Sivani,
      Plz can you give the website address from where you took the herbal cell therapy capsules.Thanks

  40. Dear Sir,

    My grandmother (Age : 77) living in madurai, recently went unconscious and found that her kidneys are not functioning. She is still unconcious. She has no diabetes, everything normal. But still she is not yet back to conscious state. One time dialysis is already over. Doctor has suggested for another dialysis. Her Cretanine level: 6.9. i would like to know whether the ayurvedic treatment can give us a hope that she can be retained back. Also would like to know where the proper ayurvedic treatment can be taken in tamil nadu. Kindly advise.


  41. Hi Pari,

    Hope all’s well.

    Your blog and the above article is a ray of hope for people who have been ‘suffering’ from the western medicines and renal failure for such a long time.

    I am on the verge of going for dialysis after 2-3 months and have to get an AV fistula by the end of the month.

    At the beginning of the article you shared that you took you father to a ayurvedic center in Tamil Nadu. If possible could you please share the details of the center.

    Please reply asap.

    Best Regards,

  42. Indeed, do not know how to thank you, your blog has done just a kind of miracle. I initiated the ginger compress therapy on my mom, and it is lesser than a month that her SR CR- reduced from 6.8 to 4.3, & urea 140 to 93. Her appetite, and mobility ate significantly improved thereby. You are doing such a benevolent duty to people in trouble like us. MAY GOD BLESS YOU, AND YOUR APPA A PEACE IN PARADISE ETERNALLY.
    Imran from uttarakhand

  43. Dear pari Sir,
    You treated your dad for kidney failure at chennai.can u please tell the name of hospital and your expenses for carrying out the treatment. My mother is CKD V patient and I want to be there. I am a poor person, hence heavy expense I will not be able to bear.

  44. @Dr.S.N.Rai
    Dear Sir,

    Please provide your contact details so that we can get connected to you

  45. Dear Pari sir,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with your father’s illness and what you have written is a miracle. I believe in God and miracles.
    My husband also suddenly fell sick and both his kidneys diagnosed not working and doctors did haemodilysis for few months and later his fistula stopped working so started Peritoneal dialysis one year back and he is ok. but still his creatine around 12….and urea 80
    he is supposed to his pd thrice but he is doing only twice. We tried many ayurvedic medicines and homoepathy medicines too but still no relief. please tell us the treatment you took in South India and also should we start ginger therapy…please I want to save my husband of this trouble.. he was a fit person all through his life and was very particular about his eating habits etc.,
    dont know how and why it happened… he did have thyroid and was little depressed last few months before he was diagonised kidney failure in december 2014. Please help…thank you so much

  46. please give me your contact details

  47. Dear Pari Sir, My younger brother , who is 30 years is have severe kidney disease. His recent creatinine level is 24,the doctors prescribed him for dialysis. Could you recommend me your ayurvedic procedure for curing him. Will he be cured totally. Kindly give your suggestion. Thanking you. Deepashree, Assam

  48. hello sir,
    my father suffering from ckd stage 5.he is ahypertensive patient….i am adoctor by profession and being a medico i have lost all hopes in allopathy. currently my father is on ayurveda treatment bt i dont know whether treatment is working or not…please help us .i will be grateful to you

  49. Dear Imran,
    could you please share me with your contact details-
    My dad has kidney problem need to discuss about ginger compress process.

    would appreciate your response !



  50. Hi ,

    My father is suffering of kidney failure and going through dialysis ( haemodialyis).

    I have done the ginger massage last week , but from that day he is suffering from fever .

    Pls help with the correct method to do the Ginger massage, also what would be the correct temperature to put the Hot wet towel on the back of patient.

    Pls reply.

    Rajeev Kumar

  51. Hello madam how to do the reiki

  52. Hi,
    My father is suffering from ckd as he has been diabetic for a long time. He is also on a statin based drug. We have reduced the dosage after reading the post. We have been trying the ginger therapy for the last 3 weeks. He is on dialysis twice a week. His urine output has improved . We are applying the ginger compress twice a day. Do you think that it is better to increase the number to find further improvements?

  53. Thank you so much. It is really helpful. Keep sharing more remedies for other diseases.

  54. Dear Pari

    It is great that you have put so much of effort or dedication to put this article for betterment of humanity.



  55. Pari,

    commendable detailed analysis, hats off to you. Other posts are also very detailed and informative.

    I notice you have not posted any new post in 2016. Why stop posting? Please post new posts, its very interesting to read your posts.

    – Ajit

  56. My son has Cronin kidney problem since birth now he is 10 years old . His creatinine level is now 2.5 . I want to reduce this level please advice me for ginger therapy how many times done in a day and how many days it would be done .

  57. Pari
    I got emotional with your story of fighting for your father with all your patience and deligence. My mother has also started on dialysis. I got new hope after reading your experience. You are a hero for me. I am also starting the journey with ginger therapy for my mother. God bless you.

  58. Wow…really fantastic article…I see you as the saviour for Kidney disease..let’s spread this info .Thank you..reading your blog itself 50% of the disease gone.Thank you.

  59. My son suffering from Nephrotic syndrome (loss protein through urine) which causes swelling .He is suffering from last 4yrs.He is just 5yrs old.
    1.Can I use ginger therapy for him?
    2. If yes then pl. clarify ginger compose once prepare can be used again & again just by boiling?
    3. 4ltrs of ginger compose…how many times we can use just by boiling for 30mins?

  60. Dear Sir,
    I am from THE Netherlands. My father has kidney failure. He drinks every day tea of Fresh ginger and after 8 months his urine output comes back……
    So in stead of massage therapy, you can drink ginger as tea as Well……

    1. @Anita Thanks for sharing that, good to know that tea from fresh ginger is effective also.

  61. Hi I am a ckd patient my creatine is high and GFR level is 25% can I start ginger therapy if so how many times I can use 125 gm ginger .

  62. Dear Pari,

    My husband was a diabetic patient due to that his kidney failed. he has been on dialysis since July 2013. he is 58 . we are in the middle east. how can we try this ginger Technic pl guide me. he goes for dialysis twice a week but now a days he is putting on weight. Please help. awaiting your reply.

  63. Hi pari
    In ginger compression therapy do we have to boil 4litres daily and do it.
    Or can it be preserved for next day?
    I’ll b waiting for Ur reply.
    I want to start my mother on this.

    1. @Naidi I would go for fresh preparation, i.e. prepare and use right away. Anything loses vital nutrients/compounds when not fresh. The fact that ginger starts losing its aroma from the moment you cut it also shows the same, that something is lost.

  64. HI Sir,

    Thanks for the article , it gives really a big hope , we RECENTLY came to know that my mother is SUFFERING from CKD stage 5, 3 months she was on medicines , but last week she got very ill we took her to hospital and doctors suggested for dialysis and they started dialysis , Doctors told us that she need to go dialysis 3 times a week , and now she need to go for fistula surgery , i know you got the same QUESTIONS before but please sir if we start this ginger THERAPY can she come to normal stage with out dialysis.


  65. Hi,PARI. I had started ginger therapy for my son suffering from nephrotic syndrome since 1ST FEB,2017.I want to know ginger oil which should be applied therapy should be lukewarm to get into the body or can be applied as it is?

    1. @Girish As mentioned in the article: “Make sure the towel is hot enough, just bearable, but enough not to scorch the skin. Note, the purpose of the heat is so that the pores in the skin open up and the active ingredients from the ginger are readily absorbed into the body.” I hope you are not using “ginger oil” as you mentioned, as not only it loses vital components but may also have additives/preservatives in it. Use the juice extract from fresh ginger as mentioned.


        1. Hi Girish
          Did tHe gInger compress gelp with nephrotic syndrome?
          I am looking for Netural remedies for my son

          1. I have done it for 6months
            no help

  66. Hi,
    My father (aged 53) is currently suffering from kidney DISEASE.His CREATININE-(7.3),Urea-(135),potassium and sodium being on THE starting RANGE..Besides ckd he is suffering FRom type 2 DIABETES mellitus, thyroid, hyper TENSION..But the good thing is that these are in CONTROL..Now the doctors are like we need to do dialysis any HOW..So how can we lower creatinine and urea without BEing IN DIALYSIS..YOu mentioned ABOVe THOSE ayurvedic treatments ( ginger compress,AJwain water,TURMeric,etc)–what is the right composition ,how frequently it should be TAKEN,..Please CLARIFY…”Its urgent BECAuse right now he is in hospital”
    If possible share your email ID..I need to talk to you personally..
    Thanks bro you are doing a great job

  67. Hi pari, As I stated earlier ,I had started ginger treatment to my son 5yrs old for nephrotic syndrome. let me know how much fresh ginger juice should we apply on his back after the therapy.?

  68. This information is a ray of hope for CKD patients.
    Thanks for this information.

  69. Dear sir, this therapy is as good for non dialysis patient.
    Sir plz inform.

  70. HELLO SIR,

    1. Dear Ms. Vandana,
      Based on my family history of kidney disease I thought of making some suggestions (considering your young age)
      I think the first step is to take some immediate measures to stop further progression of disease/fall in Kidney function. These can be on following lines(Please read this blog by MR.Pari in Detail for more INFORMATION)
      1.IGA nephropathy is inflammatory disease. So do everything possible to reduce inflammation (many of this are detailed in this blog by Mr.Pari) such as
      Avoid all fried foods, sweets, drnks, salty and processed foods.(eat only home cooked food with no additives)
      Take ginger tea and Green tea (preferably organic) daily
      Take a teaspoon of turnmeric with honey and minute amount of pepper daily (atleast once after lunch)
      Daily go for minimum 40 minutes of brisk walk
      Be careful to avoid getting any infection (particularly UTI)
      Avoid milk and animal products fully for sometime.(except fish oil tablets)
      Try to relax and manage tension and worries – stress harmone worsens the problems.
      Fish oil is recommended to reduce Iga Nephropathy. ( ). Go for reputable and mercury free Fish oil tablets and get it preferably from USA vendors.

      2.Since kidney function is reduced, take measures to reduce the load on kidney such as
      – Minimize protein and phosphorous intake
      -The above measures will limit you to diet of white rice and vegetables and fruits
      -Work with your nephrologist/dietician to work out a diet/menu to meet the constraints on potassium , phosphorous and calcium
      _While doing the above, ensure that the total protein does not exceed 35-40 gram per day (create a spreadsheet to manage this)

      Track your BP daily (assuming you are prescribed BP medicine preferably ACEI or ARB)

      4.Track your Protein Urea/ACR in urine weekly (if you already have it). You can keep experimenting with various things (such as increase green tea, ginger tea or exercise ,reduce protein further etc) till you reach very low or nil protein urea/ACR in urine.

      Please buy the book “Coping with Kidney disease – 12 step plan to avoid dialysis” written by Dr. Mackenzie Walser of John Hopkins university . You do not want to miss this book. You can order this from flipkart (print version). This is like bible of CKD and read and follow this religiously. (if you adopt the very low protein diet suggested in this book, you can replace the Amino acids suggested there by Ketostril which your nephrologist can prescribe)

      Following above measures continuously might bring your kidney function to stabilize at a better value (earlier you do the above, the better, since yours could be recent/acute problem and given good environment , there is a good chance for recent injuries to heal). After initiating the above measures, you can explore /research further recovery options.

      Good LUCK,

  71. Sir thanks a lot for guiding the people in kidney dieSease…..

  72. Sir,i am frm west bengal. My dad is a ckd stage 5 patient. We are very much worried about his health. Wish to how we come ur ayurvadic institute fr his treatment

    1. Hi Riya… he does not have ANY ayurvedic institute.its his personal experience. dont worry be calm, everything will be alright and re-read the article.

  73. Hi! This is Sanjana. My dad is a ckd patient. Even I am moving HEAVEN and earth to help him recover. Would really appreciate if I could get in touch with YOU TO ease my mind. I love my dad. I completely understand u cannot respond to every query on this page. Please get back to me when you have time..

  74. Hi Pari,

    I am sorry to hear that Appa passed away.. may God rest his atma in peace.

    Can you please clarify if Appa continued Ginger therapy for all 7 – 8 yrs or was it discontinued along with Dialysis?


    1. Yes, Appa had continued the ginger compress for all 7-8 years, but in my opinion, once the kidney starts fully functioning on its own you don’t really need to do the ginger compress. As with anything, I’d say try it — i.e. try stopping the ginger compress once the kidney recovers (also, as always discontinue gradually) followed by regular checkup for kidney health. Or just do it on an as need basis until the kidney health tests shows it can sustain its recovery. Aside from stopping ginger compress, it also means once your kidney recovers, you shouldn’t jump back into bad habits — like excessively salty foods, not drinking enough water daily, stressful conditions (without taking time out for a quiet walk or yoga), entertaining negative thoughts (like always angry/sad/victimized agitated mind), etc.

  75. Hi PARI

    Thanks for such an amazing article. It would really help lots of PATIENT who are suffering of CKD.

    I am 30 yr old, in the month of DEC 2016, I came to know that my both kidneys got shrinked due to high bp(before that I never knew that I have bp issue). My creatinine 6.53 and urea is 108, I am leaking 2+ albumin also in protein. Till DEC I have lost 13 kg weight. Do u think this ginger therapy will be helpful in kidney shrinkage also? And if yes, will you advise any other herbs etc other than the therapies mentioned above.

  76. Hi Kaveri,

    Thanks a lot for these detailed explanation and sharing this info..I want to try this for my Father.


  77. Hi.. This ginger compress treatment is very effective for my mom..her creatinine levels started reducing gradually… Thank you sir..

    1. Hi thanks a lot for sharing this therapy – How long does it take before creatinine levels starts going down ? in my mothers case her urine output is 800 ml with an fluid intake of 1000 ml a day but creatinine levels remain stubborn -she was also Anti koch treatment for a year which I am sure took a lot of toll on her body- thank you Pari for all your help -we stay positive about the outcome

  78. Hi Sir,

    My son 5.6 years chronic kidney failure creatinine 5.6 and urea 140, already hemodialysis going, biopsy report (Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome) DIAGNOSIS FOCAL AND SEGMENTAL GLOMERULOSCLEROSIS, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED this is report your treatment any recovery to kidney

    1. Sir,

      Nephrotic syndrome can be cured completely. There is no need for dialysis in my opinion. Please visit a good Ayurvedic or Homeopathic doctor with history of curing kidney disease.


  79. Any ayurvedic or heomopathic good doctor refer me?

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