Rural India

Dad is a nature lover, essentially coming from a village background, having an attachment to the rustic countryside. He took me on an excursion just a few kilometers away from our home. Here are some snaps I took of the clean, green, organic, and pollution-free parts of rural India, still untouched by modernization.

Madurai outskirts – on the way to Sozhavandhaan.
Rice Fields 2
Rice paddy.
Rice Paddy 3
Rice paddy, transplantation.
Dad brought to my attention this rare sight of a traditional bullock cart based plow that he and a student of his came across. 11/2013.

In contrast, most of India’s landscape is riddled with trash pollution. Why such a contrast? Two big reasons are:

  • Modernization wreaks havoc when the country does not have the basic civic services and infrastructure to keep up with the pace of modernization, i.e. the strain it will place on the environment. The damage can be devastating, unless environmental awareness is introduced very aggressively in all our schools and communities.
  • 400 years of waves of Islamic sieges, followed by 300 years of European Onslaught, essentially left India sapped not only of all of its wealth (and reduced it from the top two highest grossing GDP in the world before the British Rule, to one of the lowest by the time the British left), but also sapped people of their pride. Pride is the greatest driving factor of any country to do good to that country. USA, Germany, Japan, and now China — they all stand tall with their pride. It’s going to take way more than 50 years of Independence to restore the pride of Indians to the level that was (considering also India has it’s handful, in not just the poverty after being sapped of its wealth, but compounded factors such as divisive forces fueled from the outside, population explosion, etc).

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