Pesticide Coke

If Pepsi and Coke’s dumping waste in India, and Pepsi’s poisoning of agricultural land by chemical wash from its production plants was not enough (vast tracts of once very green land in Kerala have been turned into toxic wasteland).

The Pollution Monitoring Laboratory of CSE (Center for Science and Environment; India’s ISO9001:2000 certified labs, similar in function to the EPA of the USA) said that 11 of the drinks of Coke and Pepsi had average pesticide levels that are 24 times higher than the BIS standards for pesticides in soft drinks. Read this: Pesticide cocktail in Coke, Pepsi

And what does the US have to say to that:

WASHINGTON (XFN-ASIA) – The US government and business leaders are warning of potential fallout regarding investment in India, after an environmental group there alleged that beverages produced by Coca-Cola Co and PepsiCo Inc contain toxic levels of pesticides, leading to full or partial bans in six Indian states.
‘This kind of action is a setback for the Indian economy,’ Undersecretary for International Trade Franklin Lavin told Agence France-Presse.

Source: Forbes

Sure, drink this, it’s good for the economy!

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