c u 2row

Don’t you find it annoying when folks write emails and postings like as if they’re typing an SMS message?

Like 2b frank I h8 it when ppl luv 2 rite sentences like SMS – like c u 2row nyt (that’s “see you tomorrow night” for those of us who are textually impaired), or talk 2 u l8r, if ur gud with dat, u no? n cud v plz @least limit it 2 abbreviations like fyi, lol, btw, omg? Is it bcoz pipal think dat it is kewl or r they simply lazee? shud I even dare 2 mention wanna, gonna? n often times there is not even any savings in the number of letters u have 2 type.

Some also… like to use morse code… like… you know… some people… have the habit… of using… a lot of dots… and repeating words… like you know…? Imagine… a page… full of this… can get… nauseating… or give you a headache… or both….

Some UPPER CASE their words to STRESS something, even when really there is no NEED AT ALL (you get my POINT?). It reflects so BADLY. Normally UPPER CASE is reserved in SMS or chat, to convey SHOUTING, something you don’t want to write in EMAILS.

Or vhy the others dont using Proper Grammar and the spellling checker and poper Capitalization in the Right Places? Makes me vonder wat they got on there english egg jam. Don’t have to be a grammar freak, but at least what’s obvious.

And worse is when a bit of all the above are mixed in. On top of that, when workplace professionals start typing like that at work… oh I just can’t find words for that. There is nothing wrong in using shorthand in SMS, but can we take time when writing an email?

Really, what’s your excuse?

It’s ok if you’re new to a language (or very old or two-finger touch typing). But the above has nothing to do with that.

In an earlier article I described the sacredness of language – taking two classical languages (Tamil and Sanskrit) as examples, but it applies to any language. Sages and philosophers had enough foresight to correlate the degradation of language (the art of writing, the art of communication) with degradation of quality of life. Seems to be true, the incessant need for superficial chatter today is an example of quantity over quality. Just contrast it with the richness of our classical literature (and the quality of the minds who made that possible) – so meticulous in every way. And they didn’t even have any backspace or undo button, or for that matter nor even an eraser, when they wrote back then (like palm leaf manuscripts, parchment paper, or inked letter writing).

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