In all articles in this site, I have no interest in criticizing anyone’s faith or beliefs. What I do make a critique of is the religionization of one’s beliefs. I believe in the Hindu philosophy of pluralism: being free to believe and practice whatever faith or spiritual tradition you wish, even your own tailored path, as long as you don’t religionize your faith (i.e. proclaiming your way, book, or prophet is the true and only way, and that it trumps all others).

As a philosopher, it falls within my purview to make a critical study of the very idea of religion.

Discussion or vāda is the breath of intellectual life. We are obliged to use it in the search for truth, which is complex in character and yields only to the co-operation of many minds.
— S. Radhakrishnan, Hindu Philosopher, in The Logical Realism of Nyāya

The art of intense debate and discussion, especially where it pertains to the search for Truth, has been a perennial part of Hindu culture. Hindu Philosophy extensively made use of vāda-vidyā (the science of discussion) and tarka-vidyā (the science of debate), both of which converged into nyāya (science of logic and reasoning).
— From article on Discussion

I also frequently use the term “Western” and “Western civilization”, including contrasting it with the culture and philosophy of Hindu civilization. This is only to set a balance, where Western culture is often seen as the de-facto culture, even though more than half the globe are of different cultures (of which 1.2 billion are Hindu). Every culture has its strengths, and people should draw from their own strengths as well as draw from strengths of other cultures. I say that cautiously, as there is a risk of jettisoning your culture wholesale (history has shown that such wholesale genocide of ones cultural scaffolding can have disastrous consequences). In short, diversity is the law of nature, you see it everywhere in nature. Trying to suppress diversity into a mono-culture or a mono-religion is simply a losing battle, that has resulted in centuries of violence (as it always becomes a game of whose is superior).

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