Terminator Crops

Monsanto, the infamous biotech giant, has been aggressively pushing developing nations to buy into “terminator crops”. Terminator crops are crops that are genetically engineered to produce only infertile seeds.


  • It is the company that is poisoning people with the dangerous sugar substitute, Aspartime (aka NutraSweet, Splenda), which is derived from formaldehyde (the very same substance used to knock out frogs in dissection lab in high school) and rapidly breaks down in the body producing slow formaldehyde poisoning.
  • It is the same company that created the deadly chemical weapon “Agent Orange” used to kill millions of Vietnamese during the Vietnam War (the largest use of chemical weapons).
  • It is the same company that created the highly toxic weed-killer, called Roundup (deadly not just to weeds, but humans, and wipes out all beneficial insects and has crippling effect on birds and fish that drink from rainwater run-offs or feed on insects exposed to the weed-killer). See earlier article, Spring Allergies.
  • It is the company that is poisoning Americas milk supply by pumping dairy cows with drugs – all in order to produce “super cows” that produce milk months at a stretch, before their udders “burst” and are sent for butchering; all in the name of efficiency and profit making. These same drugs and bovine growth hormones (BGH) enter into our body through the milk we drink and really messes up our hormones. For that specific reason, people are switching to organic milk and milk alternatives. See earlier article, Not Milk.
  • It is the same company that owns 90% of the soy bean industry by having monopoly over soy beans seed supply. In particular they produced a GMO soy bean that is resistant to the weed killer chemical, Roundup (made by guess who? same company Monsanto). Imagine how bizarre the soy bean must be altered to be resistant to such a powerful weed killer (if you ever hang around an area sprayed with weed killer, you’ll file nauseated by the smell). If your farm is made up of natural soy beans, it will not survive being sprayed by weed killers. So first you’re trapped into buying the weed killer, then trapped into buying the GMO soybean resistant that weed killer.

Single Seed Source

The idea is simple: Monsanto wants to become the worlds single seed supply. Traditionally farmers have never had to buy or pay for seeds. They save a portion of their seeds for the next season. When the farmers have seeds freely available in their local seed bank, why would they bother to pay money to buy seeds. That too some bizarre non-native/genetically-modified seed, from a foreign agent?

Only if you destroy all other seed sources and force farmers to buy terminator crops (crops that are genetically engineered to produce infertile seeds, so that they cannot be transplanted) the farmers will be forced to buy from the one single seed source, Monsanto.

Destroying Diversity

In addition to becoming the single seed source for the worlds food supply, they are also intent on destroying diversity. The seeds they introduce are not only GMO, but are mono-cultures. It’s much more easier to control and mass produce one variety of rice, spinach, or banana… as opposed to numerous varieties that we have in India. There are over 4,000 varieties of rice which can grow on different climate and soil conditions (from desert climates to Himalayas) each unique in taste, texture, pigment, nutrition. Monsanto wants to produce a single super-rice that can be mass-produced and can grow anywhere. If at all they do introduce variety later, it will be they who introduce the variety, that too, it will be genetically engineered. Destroy the 4,000 varieties in nature, and re-invent new GMO varieties, as that is were the profit is. It makes for a tremendous business if you can do that.

Imperialism 2.0

In essence it is a new face of imperialism, where an external body controls your indigenous food production and profits over you (by methodically destroying your 4,000 varieties of seeds, and forcing you to buy from them). Why should farmers be forced to buy seeds from a foreign company (instead of saving and using their own seeds). In essence, pay a foreign company “seed-tax”? Farmers rely on replanting indigenous seeds that they store after harvest. Making them purchase these seeds can just eat into whatever returns they make, even forcing them into debt, and even worse (like suicide) when the crop fails and they have no means to purchase new seeds. Also, the pollen from these crops contaminate and threaten neighboring non-GMO crops as well, so even if you don’t use GMO crops to start with, you maybe forced to buy them. Or else pay royalty fees to Monsanto because your crops got contaminated with their GMO crops, or get sued if you don’t (GMO companies have put many small farmers out of business in the USA and Canada like that).


The key to Monsanto’s power is that it has most governments and leading academic research institution under their belt. The academics produce research pushing Monsanto’s agenda into government/law makers. If  an academic researcher dare produces research not favorable to Monsanto, Monsanto will make sure the work is silenced/terminated. Likewise they’ll make sure some politician or the other is paid hefty to pass a bill in their favor. In essence, they’ve derailed democracy. You’re fighting a new age imperialism, and the only way to do so, is the power of the masses. Give your show of support to non-profit organizations and political lobbies.

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