It seems the U.S. Navy has adopted ancient Hindu catamaran technology for their high speed ships that can carry large loads with ease. What’s unique about these ships is that they can just slice through water and can maintain stability even in rough waters. These ships built on catamaran technology can cover over 2,500 kms in less than 48 hours – twice the speed of the regular cargo ships, and carry enough equipment to support about 5,000 soldiers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

It seems these 100ft long catamaran ships are being used in the Iraq War to ferry tanks and and ammunition.

The word catamaran comes from the Tamil word கட்டுமரம் (kattumaram), the sea faring vessels used by coastal population of southern India.

This and other evidence brings back to light that Hindus were great sea farers. One such is simply the geographical position of India itself and the amount of trading that went on around the world with India. Not to mention also the presence of an ancient Tamil speaking population and Hindu temples – that date back over 4,000 years in the South Pacific island nations (in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia).

In fact, the origin of the word Navy comes from the Sanskrit “navagati” (to navigate)? Indians had built ships that were far superior to the Romans and that too as early as 4,000 years ago. The invention of the double hulled vessel – the catamaran – was a major leap in innovation. Besides that, the Indian ship building industry was so competitive to European ship builders that the British Rule (while appropriating the technology) had the Indian ship industry (and also the Indian steel industry) completely dismantled and destroyed.

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