Hindu Temples – South East Asia

Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves 5
See also: Batu Caves

Prabanan Trimurti, Indonesia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This Hindu temple in Cambodia is the worlds largest religious monument.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Recently unearthed Hindu temple in Indonesia.

Hindu Deities in Japan

There are several temples in Japan that have Hindu deities: starting with the Buddha (the Enlightened One, also considered the 9th Avatar of Vishnu), to Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth, Abundance, and Well Being), Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge and Learning), Ganesha (the Remover of Obstacles), Murugan (the God of Youthful Valor, Hills, and Kundalini), Varuna (the God representing the Water Element), Kama Deva (representing Love and Attraction), Yama (the God of Death), Shiva (the God of Dissolution, the Absolute Yogi), Guruda (Vishnu’s vehicle), the Sacredness of Sanskrit/Siddham Seed Syllables (Bija-Aksharas), etc.

The fact that they have a temple dedicated to the God, Murugan (almost exclusive to Tamil Hindu culture), and the Sanskrit script the Japanese use is called Siddham (Saiva Siddhanta philosophy and Siddha medicine are also almost exclusive to Tamil Hindu culture), and Boddhidharma (from Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu).

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