Shiva, Bangalore

Shiva Temple, Bangalore

Hindus believe God reveals itself in many ways to different people and cultures. Or conversely, Hindus believe in the freedom of expression of your love/aspiration for God (i.e. the ability to decorate, depict, or approach God) in whichever form or name you choose is inspirational for you. –

Of the many names and forms venerated by Hindus is Siva (or Shiva). This is Siva (God) in the form of the Absolute/Supreme Yogi. This is located in Bangalore, India.

The 20m high Siva is a sight you have to see in person. The eyes are half closed, meditating, gazing downward, one can almost feel the peaceful presence of the Cosmic Consciousness. Behind him is a mountain structure inside which houses replicas of important Siva Lingams from different parts of India.

One of the most common forms of Siva is that of renunciate, with a trishul (trident), seated in yogic padmasana (lotus) position, mala of rudraksha beads, and jada (matted locks of hair, which he keeps knotted on top of his head). The only time his jada unfurls, and his knotted hair wildly let loose, dancing like streams of cosmic energy, is during his Shiva Tandava (the Cosmic Dance [of the Universe]), during the dissolution of what we know as the visible Universe, when the maya (the Matrix/Illusion/Veil [of the Universe]) is lifted, showing the underlying Reality, the Source. This is said to happen in the penultimate stage of self-realization in yoga, when a person merges into the Absolute, and realizes his true nature, as the Supreme Self.

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