What are we? Let’s just ask this question not from the existential or philosophical point of view, but from a scientific perspective.

According to modern science, we are in fact billions of electrons and energies interacting and being exchanged like sparks of lightening. These processes go all the way beyond the cellular, biochemical, molecular, atomic level to the quantum level – where we are talking about electron spins, and at a more fundamental level quantum energies. The very same quantum energies that compose electromagnetic waves, gravitational waves, etc. – only dancing to a different tune.

Modern physics (as in E=mc2) and the collective knowledge of the yogis/sages of India tells us that matter is condensed energy. The yogis go one step further, they tell us that energy in turn is condensed consciousness. Since the whole universe is energy, the whole universe is pure consciousness. So, we go one step beyond the quantum level to the conscious level. The engagement of the consciousness level with the quantum world is witnessed by the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Schrödinger’s Cat Example of modern physics — where the observer, the observed, and the act of observing are fundamentally part and parcel of that principle.

What was once considered as mysticism is now considered science… as physicists are coming to terms with this realization. When physicists enter into the depths of quantum mechanics, they find the very act of observing a quantum phenomenon, changes its outcome. Implying an unbeknown link between the observer and the observed. That is, between the quantum experiment and our consciousness observation or thoughts (which are also a quantum wave/energy phenomena). This is why there has been tremendous synergy between theoretical physicists and eastern mysticism in the past decade. At the forefront of knowledge, where modern physics is finding it all the more difficult to make any sense of out of the behavioral patterns of the mass of data (ranging from those collected from across the universe to those within particle accelerators), and where the pace of technological advancements has outstripped man’s evolution, they realize they need to raise their consciousness to levels they never imagined… as has been the science of the yogis of the East.

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